Snow White, as a Play, scene 10, The Stepmother's Feelings Change

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[Scene 10, The Stepmother's Feelings Change -- 

N: Narrator, C: Councilor, M: Mayor,

Q2: the 2nd Queen, who was a vain and confused Woman,

SW: Snow White, MM: Magic Mirror, A: Advisor ]

N: The Mayor and the Councilor teased Snow White and her Stepmother incessantly.

C: I wonder when the King will return?

M: Where is he now? Is the battle going well?

N: The Councilor taught the Queen some finer points of horse riding.

C: You are far too delicate a creature to ride this way.
    Why does the King leave a woman such as yourself alone so long?

Q2: Maybe I should not let you teach me to ride horses.

N: The Mayor discussed the course of the war.

M: The women of the camp need more medical supplies.
    I wonder who is tending the King's wounds?

SW: Mum, I would like to join the women of the camp.

Q2: I would, too. But it's too dangerous, my dear.

N: The New Queen felt the weight of responsibility keenly.

Q2: Oh, Snow White, they ask me to make decisions that I don't understand.

SW: We should leave those decisions to Father's Advisor.

Q2: The Advisor is always out on the business of the court.

SW: Then we should make the Mayor and Councilor wait.

N: Sometimes, the Stepmother Queen consulted her magic mirror.

Q2: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, ...

MM: You keep asking me questions that you should be asking yourself, or God.

Q2: But I have no confidence.

MM: You are the Queen. You have the King's Advisor. You have Snow White.
    You need patience. And to be careful of whom you listen to.

Q2: It is hard to be patient.

N: Little by little, the Mayor and the Councilor poisoned
    the Stepmother Queen's heart.

M: If he really loved you, I'm sure he could make time
    to take a break and come home to visit.

C: Maybe he has found someone more beautiful than you.

Q2: There is no one alive more beautiful than I to the King.
    Snow White explained to me how the King feels.

C: And what about your step-daughter?

M: If the King ever does return, and if he should give you children,
    won't she come before your own children?

N: The Stepmother Queen made herself distant from Snow White.

SW: Mum, can we go for a picnic?

Q2: I am so tired. Maybe not today, honey.

N: Then the Mayor made a shocking suggestion.

M: If Snow White should meet an accident in the forest,
    there would be no one between you and the King.

Q2: You are evil. Leave, now.
    Never say such things to me or anyone else, again.

N: The Stepmother Queen mentioned this to Snow White.

SW: They are not friends of my father.
    I once asked him why he allowed them to remain in office.

Q2: What did he say?

SW: He said that the people had chosen them.

Q2: But surely the King could overrule the choice.

SW: The people must be free to make bad decisions.

Q2: He said that?

SW: If the people will not choose good, the King cannot save them.
    If he tries, it will only spoil the people and ruin the kingdom.

Q2: Your father's wisdom is greater than I knew.
    Are you afraid of me?

SW: I am a little afraid. Not of you. For you.
    But I must trust you.

Q2: Is it wise for you to trust me?

SW: If we fight, it will destroy both of us.
    And it will destroy the kingdom.
    We have no choice but to trust each other

Q2: How did your father train you so well?

N: But the Stepmother Queen could not shake herself loose
    of the Councilor and Mayor's influence.
    Eventually, she asked the King's advisor a shocking question.

Q2: What would happen if you and Snow White were in the forest hunting,
    and she should meet with an accident?

A: The Mayor and the Councilor have been teasing you again.

Q2: They have. But is it safe for her to go hunting with you?

A: I wonder whether it would be safer to leave her here with
    only you against the wolves.

Q2: I see what you mean.

A: Sometimes I think I should take you with us, as well.
    But the duties of the court demand otherwise.
    I really am sorry to ask you to fight these battles alone.

Q2: I think I'm learning, but I'm scared.

[JMR: Written and posted 21 January 2017.]

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