Snow White, as a Play, scene 11, The Plotters Plot

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[Scene 11, The Plotters Plot -- 

N: Narrator, 

M: Mayor, C: Councilor]

N: Some people think plots are more important than kingdoms.

M: How much longer can we pay the enemies to keep fighting us?

C: Not much. We are running out of money.

M: What about the kingdom's treasury?

C: The Queen and the Advisor check the accounts.

M: You said she would be easy to control.

C: She was once.

M: She thought she loved you once. What happened?

C: I guess the King is a better man than I am.

M: She really loves the King, I guess.

C: Snow White has more control over the Queen than I do now.

M: Fear makes it easy to control people.

C: Fear?

M: We must make them afraid for the King.
    Fear turns people's hearts.

[JMR: Written and posted 5 July 2017.]

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