Snow White, as a Play, scene 9, Insecurity, Accidents, and Intrigue

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[Scene 9, Insecurity, Accidents, and Intrigue Plague the Royal Household -- 

N: Narrator, VW: the 2nd Queen, who was a Vain Woman,

M: Mayor, C: Councilor, A: Advisor, SW: Snow White ]

N: The New Queen became distraught, waiting for the King.

VW: There must be no one more beautiful in the kingdom than I when he returns!

SW: Mum, Daddy will be okay.
    And, to him, no one living is more beautiful than you.

M: Besides yourself, Snow White, of course.
    You worry too much, my Queen.

C: I'm sure he has hasn't found anyone new.

M: He would be too busy on the battlefield.

C: Of course, he can't be fighting all the time.

A: Can't you two leave well enough alone?

VW: Snow White, I need to think. Can we go for a picnic?

SW: That sounds like a great idea, Mummy.

A: I'll come with you.

VW: No need. We won't go far.

SW: Let's go pack some yummy food.

N: The New Queen thought she knew a place in the woods where Snow White had never been.

VW: Isn't this a beautiful place?

SW: Yes, it is. I like to come here when it snows.
    But don't tell Daddy, he would worry.

N: They finally found a place where Snow White didn't say she had been before.

VW: This looks like a nice spot.

SW: I don't remember having come here before.
    It's a little wild, but that makes it all the more fun.

N: They ate their picnic and watched the woods animals and talked for a while.

VW: Do you really think that the King thinks I'm beautiful?

SW: My father sees the real you, just like I do.

VW: That kind of scares me.

SW: I'm not sure you see the real you when you look in the mirror.
    You are more beautiful than I think you know.

VW: Thank you for coming with me. I feel much better, now.

SW: I'm glad.

VW: Do you miss your mother?

SW: Sure I miss her. But you're my Mum, too.
    I think Momma likes you.

N: When she heard that, the New Queen repented.
    And they returned to the castle together, laughing and singing.

C: Back already?

A: They've been gone for four hours.
    I was about to organize a search party.

M: You worry too much.

N: One day, while the King's Advisor was out hunting, the Mayor and the Councilor suggested another picnic.

VW: Is it safe?

C: I'll go with you. See, we've packed a picnic already.
    We can ride horses, to run fast if there is trouble.

SW: We haven't been outside the castle grounds for a while.
    It might be fun.

N: Snow White's horse was not feeling well.

SW: She's off her feed. Poor girl.

M: You can ride mine.
    He's well trained.

VW: Maybe we shouldn't go.

C: You both need a bit of diversion.

N: They rode into the woods.
    Suddenly, something spooked the Mayor's horse.
    The horse ran away, carrying Snow White deep into the wilder part of the woods.

VW: Oh, dear! I knew we shouldn't have come.

C: Don't try to follow her. It's not safe.
    We'll have to go back.
    I'll send some guards to find her.

VW: I really should learn how to ride a horse better.
    I could try to catch up to her.

C: I can teach you.

N: Back at the castle, the Mayor and the Councilor made elaborate search plans.

VW: Can't we hurry?
    She must be frightened!

M: We have to ensure everyone's safety, of course.

N: By the time they were ready, the King's advisor was back.
    Snow white was with him.
    They were carrying the game he had taken on their horses.

A: Well, I'm glad everyone made it safely back.

C: What?

M: Oh, dear ...

VW: Oh, thank you, dear God!
    Snow White! You're okay!

A: She knows more about the woods around here than most of the people in our kingdom.

SW: Mum! Councilor! I found the most wonderful spring in the woods.
    Is the picnic still packed? Let's go back!

A: I trust there will be no more accidents?

C: I'll make certain of that.

N: And they had a nice little picnic.
    That night, the Stepmother Queen talked with the King's Advisor.

VW: I don't think I am to be trusted.

A: I trust you more than I trust certain others.

VW: I am not sure I can defend myself from them.
    I know I can't defend Snow White by myself.

A: We'll have to be more careful.

[JMR: Written and posted 21 January 2017.]

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