A Lad in Disneyrabia (Short Summary of the Animated Film)

Evil Jafar waited in the desert for a short thief.

He had a half a magic key to the Cave of Wonders.

The thief brought him the other half of the key.

Jafar put the two keys together and the mouth of the Cave opened up by magic.

"I only want the lamp," Jafar told the thief.

Then he lied. "You can have the rest of the treasures."

The Cave said, "Only one man may enter, someone who is better than he seems."

The thief fearfully entered the cave.

The cave suddenly and violently closed up, trapping the thief inside.

In the city, guards chased Aladdin through the streets.

Aladdin and his monkey had stolen some bread.

They saw two hungry children, and Aladdin gave them the bread.

In the palace garden, the sultan told his daughter, "You must marry a prince soon!"

Princess Jasmine said, "I don't like any of the princes."

Princess Jasmine left the palace, looking for fun.

Jafar took the sultan's magic ring from him.

He looked into the ring and asked, "Who can enter the cave?"

Aladdin was the person that the ring showed him.

In the market, a beautiful girl took an apple.

She did not pay for it.

The apple seller chased her, but Aladdin helped her escape.

The guards cornered them on a roof.

Aladdin asked her, "Do you trust me?" and they jumped off the roof.

The guards caught them amyway.

The girl was Princess Jasmine, but the guards would not listen to her.

They took Aladdin to prison, and Jasmine went back to the palace.

Aladdin met an old man in the prison.

He told Aladdin about a cave full of treasures.

Then he lied to Aladdin.

"If you bring me the lamp, you can have the rest. And you can marry Princess Jasmine."

He showed Aladdin a secret passage out of the prison.

They went to the Cave of Wonders, and Aladdin went inside.

The Cave said, "Touch nothing but the lamp."

Aladdin's monkey touched part of the treasure, and the Cave closed with them inside.

Aladdin found the lamp and dusted it off, and suddenly a genie appeared.

The genie said, "You have three wishes!"

Aladdin tricked the genie into getting them out of the cave.

He promised the genie he would use his last wish to free him.

Aladdin told the genie that he wanted to be a prince so he could marry the princess.

At the palace, Jafar hypnotized the sultan.

The sultan agreed to let Jafar marry Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin came to the palace disguised as a rich prince.

Jasmine didn't think that she liked the new prince.

He offered her a ride on his magic carpet and asked her, "Do you trust me?"

Jasmine decided she liked the new prince.

But the guards caught Aladdin again and threw him in the ocean.

Then the genie saved Aladdin.

Jafar tried to make Princess Jasmine marry him, but she refused.

Aladdin came back and broke Jafar's magic staff.

But Jafar's parrot stole the magic lamp.

With the lamp, Jafar wished to be a powerful magician.

He sent Aladdin far away and made the sultan and Princess Jasmine his slaves.

Aladdin found his magic carpet and flew back.

Princess Jasmine pretended to like Jafar, to distract him while Aladdin got the lamp back.

But Jafar saw Aladdin's reflection and stopped him from taking the lamp.

Aladdin told Jafar the genie was more powerful than he was.

So Jafar wished to be a powerful genie.

Then he had to go inside his own lamp.

The genie sent Jafar's lamp to the Cave of Wonders.

Then Aladdin wished the genie to be free.

The sultan made a new law, that a princess could marry whom she chose.

And everyone was happy.

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