July PTA Topic: Giving and Getting Directions

In July, we are going to practice directions to Osaka Castle.

The Osaka Castle web site has an English page, and two maps of the castle in English that we can look at:
We will practice with some sample dialogues for each leg of the trip. For my convenience, we will start at the Hankyu Nishinomiya Kita-guchi Station.

This is the detailed version, as if we were looking at Google Maps or something.

Maybe we won't use this to practice. It's too long.


I have put a shorter dialog up, with annotations, here:


[Sept. 9th:

Here are more notes and materials:

General Discussion

Anne: Barbara, do you know Osaka Castle?

Barbara: Sure. It's a wonderful place to visit,
  although it's way past cherry blossom season this year.

Ann: Andy wants to take the kids there for a little cultural sightseeing.

Barbara: Then there's lots to see.
  Does he have a particular part of the park in mind?

Anne: Park?

Barbara: The castle grounds have been made into a large park.

Anne: Oh. He said something about,
  I think it was the Sakura Gate and the Inui Turret and the Sengan Turret.

Barbara: Those are interesting, too.
  What about the Nishinomaru Garden and the main tower?

Anne: Maybe he said something about those, too.

Barbara: Well, they do have entrance fees.

Anne: Do you know how much?

Barbara: I think it costs 600 yen for the main tower,
  and 200 yen to get into the Nishinomaru Garden.

Anne: That's not too much.

From Nishinomiya to Umeda

Anne: So, how do we get there?

Barbara: How do you usually go to Umeda?
  JR line? Hanshin Line?

Anne: Hankyu Line, from Nishinomiya Kita-guchi.

Barbara: Okay. Get on at the front of the train.

Anne: The front?

Barbara: It's easier that way.

Anne: Okay, front of the train, ...

Through Umeda to the Higashi Umeda Station

Barbara: When you get to Umeda,
  exit through the south turnstiles.

Anne: South turnstiles?

Barbara: The ticket gates nearest the front of the train.

Anne: I think I know those.

Barbara: You need to go the the Higashi Umeda Station
  and take the Tanimachi Line.

Anne: Tanimachi Line.

Barbara: Go down the central stairs to the ground level.

Anne: Ground level.

Barbara: Zig a little to the left and keep going south. 

Anne: Zig-zag?

Barbara: There are several halls, actually, continuing south.
  Any of them will do,
  but the easiest is just to the left of the central stairs.

Anne: Okay. Maybe.

Barbara: Keep heading south.
  You'll come to a big indoor plaza,
  with the Hankyu Department Store on your right.

Anne: I think I know the place.
  It's a big wide space,
  with art installations in the department store windows.

Barbara: Yeah. Keep the art installations on your right
  and keep going south.
  You'll come to escalators going underground
  at the south end of the plaza.

Anne: Okay.

Barbara: Follow those down, and keep going south.

Anne: Still south?

Barbara: Yeah.
  You'll pass a post office on your left at the bottom of the escalators.
  Go through Whity Mall.

Anne: Through Whity Mall, ...

Barbara: Still going south.
  There are signs in the cieling,
  so you really can't get lost.

Anne: ... signs in the cieling.
  I'm already feeling lost.

Barbara: Don't worry.
  Worry is your number one enemy.

Anne: Don't worry, be happy.

Barbara: Hah, hah.

Anne: Heh, heh.

Barbara: Anyway, past the post office,
  past the first full intersection,
  and left at the second full intersection.

Anne: Left at the second intersection.

Barbara: Then right at the next intersection.
  It should be a T intersection,
  but, anyway, turn right immediately.

Anne: Right, immediately.
  I know I'm lost.

Barbara: No, you're not lost.
  You can see the turnstiles as soon as you turn right.

Anne: I'd better write this down.

[Repeat, while Anne writes it down.]

From Umeda to the Castle

Anne: Okay. I'm at the station.

Barbara: This is important.
  The ticket machines are on the right.

Anne: ... on the right, ...

Barbara: But don't take the turnstiles on the right.
  That's for the platform going the other direction.
  Take the turnstiles on the left, ...

Anne: ... on the left, ...

Barbara: ... heading for Tennoji.

Anne: ... for Tennoji. Okay.

Barbara: Any train will get you there.
  You're only going two stops ...

Anne: ... two stop, ...

Barbara: ... to the Tenmabashi Station.
  You want to get on the front of this train, too,
  if you can.

Anne: Oh?

Barbara: It's easier.

Anne: Okay.

Barbara: The train zigs east and zags back south again.

Anne: Okay, we'll just ride the train for two stops.

From Tenmabashi Station to the Castle (Ohtemon)

Barbara: At Tenmabashi Station, go up the south stairs.

Anne: South stairs.

Barbara: There's an escalator.
  Go out the turnstiles, then turn left.

Anne: ... left ...

Barbara: It'll be the southeast exit.
  I don't remember the exit number.

Anne: ... southeast exit ...

Barbara: There's an elevator at that exit.
  You can take the elevator or the stairs.

Anne: ... elevator or stairs ...

Barbara: At street level, turn left.
  There's a stoplight right there.

Anne: Right there?

Barbara: Sorry.
  Immediately as you turn left coming out of the stairs or the elevator.

Anne: Try that again?

Barbara: We're almost there, hang in there.
  Coming up the stairs or the elevator as you leave the station,
  when you get to street level, turn left.

Anne: Left at the top of the stairs.

Barbara: Immediately in front of you,
  there will be a stoplight.

Anne: Stoplight.

Barbara: Turn left there.

Anne: Left again?

Barbara: Yes.
  You will be able to see the Inui Turret from the stoplight.

Anne: Oh!

Barbara: Go east from that stoplight to the next stoplight.
  You can cross the street on the crosswalk or the walkover.

Anne: Options, options!

Barbara: You'll be right there
  at the northwest corner of the castle grounds,
  looking at the Inui Turret across the moat.
  So there's nothing to worry about.

Anne: Okay.

Barbara: Across the street from the castle park is a school
  where a friend of ours works.

Anne: Wow! She works that close to the castle!

Barbara: Yeah. Lucky her.
  But she does not visit the castle every day.
  Anyway, go south along that road for about four or five minutes
  and you'll come to the Sengan Turret and the Ohtemon Gate.

Anne: Ohtemon Gate?

Barbara: That's the main gate.

Anne: And we can buy tickets there?

Barbara: Most of the park is free to walk around.
  You can buy tickets to the main tower or the Nishinomaru Gardens
  on the grounds, after you go in the Ohtemon Gate.

Anne: Okay. Thanks for these detailed instructions!

Barbara: Sure. When are you going?
  Maybe I can talk Jun and our kids into going with you.

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