Talking about Interests -- Clubs at School

Alex: Hi! Are you new here?

Louisa: Oh. Hello. Yeah. My name is Louisa.
    My dad just moved here for his job.

Amy: Well, I'm Amy, and this is my brother, Alex.

Louisa: Nice to meet you.

Jerry: I'm Jerry. I'm in the basketball club.
    Have you found a club yet?

Louisa: Club? Not yet.
    Back home, I was in the dance club.

Regina: Cool. I'm Regina.
    Are you interested in cheerleading?

Louisa: Cheerleading?
    No, I don't like to go to the games.

Jane: I'm in the Poets' Cards club.
    I'm Jane, by the way.

Louisa: Poets' Cards club? What's that?

George: I'm George, and I'm in the Poets' Cards club, too.
    We memorize famous lines from poems on cards.

Alex: Poets' Cards is a card game.
    They sit around while someone reads a line from a poem,
    and try to grab the card for that poem first.

Louisa: That sounds like an interesting way to learn literature.
    Is there a dance club?

Regina: We have a cheerleading dance club.
    They help with the cheerleading,
    but they also compete at performing cheerleadiing routines.

Louisa: Well, can I visit and watch a few clubs?

Jerry: Sure! We can show you around after school.

Amy: Mrs. Brown, our homeroom teacher,
    can get you a list of clubs.

Jane: And then we'll help you find them.

Louisa: Thanks.

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