Getting Seated at a Restaurant (Inspired by the June PTA Class)

[The Adams and Tanaka families are getting together at an unusual new restaurant. 
The Tanaka family arrives first.
See the reservations conversation.

Jo: Welcome to Jo's French Barbeque.
  Do you have a reservation?

Jun: Yeah, I think so.
  My friend made the reservations.

Jo: What names would the reservations be under?

Jun: Probably under Andy Adams.

Barbara: We're the Jun Tanaka family.

Jo: June?

Jun:  She's Barbara, I'm Jun.
  It's spelled without an "e" at the end.

George: Dad, do you always have to say that?

Regina: Sometimes people aren't familiar with Latinized Japanese.
[Latinized Japanese => ローマ字]

George: I know, but it gets old.
[It gets old. => この話はもうたくさん!(飽きた)]

Jo: This is the first time I've heard of it.

George: Well, ...

Jo: Your reservation is for seven thirty.

Jun: Yeah, we are a little early, ...
Jo: That's okay.
  Your tables are not yet available, but should be soon.
  Would you care to wait here in the lobby?
[not yet available => まだ空いていません]

Barbara: That'll be fine.

Jo: While you're waiting, would you like to check out the menus?

Jun: Will we need to check them back in?
[check in => 図書館などへの返却]

George: DAD!

Jo: Your dad likes to make jokes.

George: Bad jokes. I'm always so embarrassed.

Jo: No need to be.
  It was an interesting pun.
  So, here are the menus for your perusal.
[pun => ダジャレ]

Barbara: Thank you.
  We shall definitely peruse them carefully.
[peruse => 熟読する、読み通す、細かく調べる]

George: MOM! Not you, too!

Regina: Oh, look at the ice cream, George!

George: Hey, that pineapple frappe looks great!

Barbara: Give me that dessert menu, George!
  You aren't allowed to look at that until after the main course.

George: Aw, Mom.

Jo: One table is ready.
  Would you like to be seated now?
  Or would you prefer to wait for the rest of your party?

Jun: I think we'd better get seated, thank you.

Jo: Right this way, please.

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