June Practice -- Restaurant Reservation

[For the June class -- 6月のクラスのため]

[A telephone conversation. Andy is calling an unusual new restaurant for reservations.
"Jo" is a woman's name in the USA. 
米国では "Jo" とは女性の名前です。]

Jo: Jo's French Barbeque. What can we fry for you?

[What can we fry for you? -- 何を揚げ物にさせていただきましょう?]

Andy: Well, hello.
  I'd like to make a reservation for eight.
[reservation: 予約]

Jo: That's a party of eight.
  What name should I put the reservation under?
[party: 一行
put a reservation under a name: 指定の名前で予約をいただく]

Andy: Well, I'm Andy Adams, and my family will be coming.
  The family of Jun Tanaka will also be coming.
[will be coming: 来ることになっている]

Jo: Okay, I'll put the reservation under Andy Adams,
   and I'll put the June Tanaka family in the notes.
[put ... in notes: ...を備考に加える]

Andy: Sounds good.

Jo: But I'm missing a vital piece of information.
[vital: 不可欠(死命的)]

Andy: Oh?

Jo: When?

Andy: Oh!
  Do you have any openings on Thursday evening?
[opening: 空(空席)]

Jo: This Thursday? That's the 17th.

Andy: Yes.

Jo: We still have a few openings then.
  We can get you a table for eight at 8:30.
  Or we can get you two neighboring tables for four at 7:30.
[neighboring: となり]

Andy: We'll take the 7:30 time, please.

Jo: Could I get a phone number to contact you at?

Andy: Sure.
  My cell phone is XXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Jo: Okay, we'll set that up.
  Anything else in advance?
  Special diet or such?
[in advance: 先に
... or such: など]

Andy: Well, will it be possible to ask
  for some or the dishes
  to be cooked without wine?
  My family doesn't do wine.
[will it be possible: ~できるのですか?(可能になりますか?)
cook without wine: ワイン抜きで料理する
doesn't do wine: ワインをいただきません]

Jo: Of course.
  I'll put that in the notes, too.

Andy: I guess that's it.
[That's it.: 以上です。]

Jo: Okay. Thank you.
  And we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
[... look forward to ...: よろしくお願いします。]

Andy: Thank you.

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