Getting Seated at a Restaurant (Inspired by the June PTA Class)

[The Adams and Tanaka families are getting together at an unusual new restaurant. 
The Tanaka family arrives first.
See the reservations conversation.

Jo: Welcome to Jo's French Barbeque.
  Do you have a reservation?

Jun: Yeah, I think so.
  My friend made the reservations.

Jo: What names would the reservations be under?

Jun: Probably under Andy Adams.

Barbara: We're the Jun Tanaka family.

Jo: June?

Jun:  She's Barbara, I'm Jun.
  It's spelled without an "e" at the end.

George: Dad, do you always have to say that?

Regina: Sometimes people aren't familiar with Latinized Japanese.
[Latinized Japanese => ローマ字]

George: I know, but it gets old.
[It gets old. => この話はもうたくさん!(飽きた)]

Jo: This is the first time I've heard of it.

George: Well, ...

Jo: Your reservation is for seven thirty.

Jun: Yeah, we are a little early, ...
Jo: That's okay.
  Your tables are not yet available, but should be soon.
  Would you care to wait here in the lobby?
[not yet available => まだ空いていません]

Barbara: That'll be fine.

Jo: While you're waiting, would you like to check out the menus?

Jun: Will we need to check them back in?
[check in => 図書館などへの返却]

George: DAD!

Jo: Your dad likes to make jokes.

George: Bad jokes. I'm always so embarrassed.

Jo: No need to be.
  It was an interesting pun.
  So, here are the menus for your perusal.
[pun => ダジャレ]

Barbara: Thank you.
  We shall definitely peruse them carefully.
[peruse => 熟読する、読み通す、細かく調べる]

George: MOM! Not you, too!

Regina: Oh, look at the ice cream, George!

George: Hey, that pineapple frappe looks great!

Barbara: Give me that dessert menu, George!
  You aren't allowed to look at that until after the main course.

George: Aw, Mom.

Jo: One table is ready.
  Would you like to be seated now?
  Or would you prefer to wait for the rest of your party?

Jun: I think we'd better get seated, thank you.

Jo: Right this way, please.


June 15th Notes -- Vocabulary and Phrases from the class

[From the June class -- 6月のクラスから]

Chinese (of China)
Chinese food/cooking/cuisine
Cantonese (of Canton)
Cantonese cuisine (etc.)
Cantonese (language)
Mandarin (Chinese bureaucrat)
Mandarin orange
Mandarin duck
Mandarin (language)
Mandarin cuisine
northern Chinese cuisine と一緒、かな?
spring roll
egg roll
春巻きに似たお料理 (生地がもっと濃い小麦粉でできているようです。)
dumpling (filled and unfilled)
団子 (具いりも、具無しも)
Italian (of Italy)
gnocchi (Italian dumpling?)
ニョッキ (イタリア風団子?)
jiaozi -- gyoza (Chinese filled dumpling)
Mexican (of Mexico)
メキシコの・メキシ風 (料理など)
tortilla (corn tortilla, wheat flour tortilla)
トルティーヤ 南米風の薄焼きパン(トウモロコシも、麦も)
ブリート (南米風の egg roll らしいお料理。
タコス (トルティーヤに載せたサラダ・豆・肉・ソースのお料理)
tortilla chips
トルティーヤチップス トウモロコシのくさび型焼きトルティーヤ。
Indian (of India)
dal (split lentils, peas, or beans; split bean stew)
ダール 割った豆とその豆でできた濃い目のスープ
set the table
set the food on the table
set the table up
some such thing
some of the dishes
I'd like it to be cooked without sugar.
I guess so.
I look forward to working with you.
Shall we go to the restaurant now?
Can we go ...
Shall we meet at 7:30?
Shall we meet in twenty minutes?
I'd like to make a reservation for three.
I'd like a table for three.
Do you have any openings?
May I come over now?
May I visit now?
May I come with two friends now?
Do you have an open table for three?
We'll be there in twenty minutes.
gin rummy


June Practice -- Restaurant Reservation

[For the June class -- 6月のクラスのため]

[A telephone conversation. Andy is calling an unusual new restaurant for reservations.
"Jo" is a woman's name in the USA. 
米国では "Jo" とは女性の名前です。]

Jo: Jo's French Barbeque. What can we fry for you?

[What can we fry for you? -- 何を揚げ物にさせていただきましょう?]

Andy: Well, hello.
  I'd like to make a reservation for eight.
[reservation: 予約]

Jo: That's a party of eight.
  What name should I put the reservation under?
[party: 一行
put a reservation under a name: 指定の名前で予約をいただく]

Andy: Well, I'm Andy Adams, and my family will be coming.
  The family of Jun Tanaka will also be coming.
[will be coming: 来ることになっている]

Jo: Okay, I'll put the reservation under Andy Adams,
   and I'll put the June Tanaka family in the notes.
[put ... in notes: ...を備考に加える]

Andy: Sounds good.

Jo: But I'm missing a vital piece of information.
[vital: 不可欠(死命的)]

Andy: Oh?

Jo: When?

Andy: Oh!
  Do you have any openings on Thursday evening?
[opening: 空(空席)]

Jo: This Thursday? That's the 17th.

Andy: Yes.

Jo: We still have a few openings then.
  We can get you a table for eight at 8:30.
  Or we can get you two neighboring tables for four at 7:30.
[neighboring: となり]

Andy: We'll take the 7:30 time, please.

Jo: Could I get a phone number to contact you at?

Andy: Sure.
  My cell phone is XXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Jo: Okay, we'll set that up.
  Anything else in advance?
  Special diet or such?
[in advance: 先に
... or such: など]

Andy: Well, will it be possible to ask
  for some or the dishes
  to be cooked without wine?
  My family doesn't do wine.
[will it be possible: ~できるのですか?(可能になりますか?)
cook without wine: ワイン抜きで料理する
doesn't do wine: ワインをいただきません]

Jo: Of course.
  I'll put that in the notes, too.

Andy: I guess that's it.
[That's it.: 以上です。]

Jo: Okay. Thank you.
  And we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
[... look forward to ...: よろしくお願いします。]

Andy: Thank you.


Topic for the June Class -- Going to a Restaurant to Eat

[A PTA English Conversation Class -- PTA 英会話のクラス]

We'll talk about eating out, and we'll practice some useful phrases. (Among other things.)

Please be thinking of things you might want to say at a restaurant.

I've prepared a conversation sample, making a reservation at a restaurant, for practice reading, here.

If you have questions, e-mail me.



Introductions -- a Train Conversation (Inspired by the May PTA class.)

Somewhere on a train in Japan:

Y: Excuse me.
   You look like an American.

Z: Well, I'm from Canada.

Y: Sorry.
   I hope I didn't offend you.

Z: No problem.
   You speak English pretty well?

Y: It's one of my hobbies.
   What brings you to Japan?

Z: Oh, I'm not really sure why.
   It's a long story.

Y: Sorry.
   I seem to be making a bother of myself.

Z: No, not really.

Y: Are you finding your way around okay?

Z: Well enough.
   I'm just traveling randomly, really.

Y: You mean, no plans, no schedule?

Z: Yeah.
   I like to travel.
   But I don't like canned tours.

Y: Canned tours?

Z: Pre-packaged.
   Everything decided in advance.
   You only go where everybody goes,
   see what everybody sees.

Y: So you want to go where your friends haven't been?
   and see things they haven't seen?

Z: Right. 

Y: That's very interesting.
   Isn't it a little dangerous?

Z: I don't carry much money with me.
   That helps me stay out of trouble.


May 22nd -- Self-introduction Example

[From the May 22 class. 5月22日のクラスから]

[After a meeting at work 仕事の会議のあと:]

A: Hi.

B: Oh. Hello. I don't think we've met.

A: Let me introduce myself.
   I'm Akira Adachi.
   I'm from the North America Division.
   How about you?

B: My name is Bruce Brown.
   I'm from the Kansai division.
   Nice to meet you.

A: Nice to meet you, too.
    What did you think of the presentation?

B: I'm not sure.
    I'm still thinking about it.
    What did you think of it?
[still thinking: まだ考え中]

[ . . . ]