June 30th -- Travel, part 3, Packing

[Several days after getting their passports, the family continues to prepare for the family trip.
 Continues from here. ここからの続きです。
 See here for vocabulary. 単語についてはここを参照。]

Anne: Kids! It's time to pack up!

Amy: Mom, you've been saying that every morning this whole past week.

Alex: With all this packing and re-packing, we're going to wear out the luggage before we even get on the plane.

Anne: We have to get ready for the trip.

Alex: No offense, Mom, but I think we are ready, already.

Anne: But are you sure you have everything?

Amy: If I don't have it now, I don't care!

Anne: Do you have your swimming suits and towels?

Alex: Yes.

Anne: Toothbrush, soap, comb, brush?

Amy: Yes.

Anne: Three changes of clothes?

Alex: Yes.

Anne: Underwear, too?

Amy: Mom! We went through this list yesterday and the day before and ...

Anne: We want to be sure we don't forget anything.
  If you actually opened your suitcases and looked, you might decide you wanted a different shirt or skirt or something.

Alex: I think I'll risk it.

Amy: Me, too.

Anne: Open those suitcases or else!

Amy: Mooooom!

Alex: Okay, okay.
  My suitcase is open.
  Everything is there.
  See, the checklist is even there.

Anne: Look at these shorts.
  Do they go well with that shirt?
  And those socks?

Alex: I don't care.

Anne: What if you meet a good looking girl?

Alex: And you are the one who tells me that if a girl doesn't like me for who I am, she doesn't matter.

Anne: And look at your skirts and blouses, Amy.
  That's three nice sets, but can you mix and match them?

Amy: Mom, we looked at the combinations yesterday and decided each one goes well enough with the others.

Anne: These socks do not go together well with those socks.

Amy: I'm not planning on wearing two pair of socks at any point on this trip.

Anne: Well, okay.
  How are your summer studies coming?

Amy: I'm finished with everything but the report on the summer vacation.

Anne: Really?

Amy: Okay, I have a little bit of math and Japanese review left.

Anne: Is that all?

Amy: Well, maybe there's the science experiment, but I don't have time for that before the trip.

Anne: Is everything ready so you can do it when we get home?

Amy: Well, ....

Anne: Then maybe you should prepare for the trip by getting ready for the experiment. 
  How about you, Alex?

Alex: See, I have room in my carry-on bags for my science and Japanese homework.
  And I have a notebook for my summer vacation report, too.
  I'll finish the math today.

Anne: Can you help Amy get ready for her experiment?

Alex: That's the other thing I was planning to do today.

Anne: Okay, well, let's get ready by, uhm, getting ready!

[Continues つづき]

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