Snow White, as a Play, scene 7, Snow White Blossoms

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[Scene 7, Snow White Blossoms -- 

N: Narrator, SW: Snow White, 

Q2: the 2nd Queen, who was a Vain Woman,

MM: Magic Mirror ]

N: The war lasted a long time.

SW: When is Daddy coming home?

Q2: He should come home soon, honey.

SW: Daddy is trying to help people, isn't he?

Q2: Yes, dear, he is.
        And we must do our part, too.

SW: What is my part?

Q2: You must grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman.

SW: Like my mother?

Q2: Like your mother.

SW: Like you?

Q2: Like me, too.

N: Snow White grew more and more beautiful each day.

Q2: But don't worry about it, just be yourself.
        You are growing up to be very beautiful.

SW: Thank you, Mum. You help me a lot.

N: But Snow White's stepmother began to worry
     too much about her own appearance.

Q2: Mirror, where is the King?

MM: Today he is meeting with the leaders of three countries.
          He is trying to convince everyone to quit fighting.

Q2: Is it going well?

MM: No, it isn't. There are too many vain kings.
        Vanity does not become a king, or a queen.

Q2: Speaking of vanity,
        am I still the most beautiful woman in the world?

MM: No you are not.

Q2: What? Oh no, what shall I do?

MM: Don't say anything rash.

Q2: But who would dare be more beautiful than I?
        She must die!

MM: Don't do anything rash, either.

Q2: Who is she?

MM: I don't want to tell you.
         She is not doing it to be mean to you.

Q2: I order your to tell me!

MM: It is your stepdaughter, Snow White.

Q2: OH! Of course.
        Why did I say that?
        She must NOT die!

MM: If anything should happen to her,
         the King would be broken hearted.

Q2: Then I must be brave.

MM: You must be brave.

Q2: Thank you, mirror. You help me a lot.

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