Snow White, as a Play, scene 8, The Stepmother's Heart Grows Cold

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[Scene 8, The Stepmother's Heart Grows Cold -- 

N: Narrator, M: Mayor, A: Advisor, C: Councilor, VW: the 2nd Queen, who was a Vain Woman,

MM: Magic Mirror ]

N: But without the King, Snow White's stepmother could not be brave forever.

M: The King has been gone a long time.
    Has he found someone else?

A: What do you mean, someone else?

C: Busy men's hearts wander when they are under stress.

M: And war is very stressful.

VW: Do you think the King's heart would wander?

A: Nonsense. The King is nothing if he is not true.

M: But he is just a man.
    And I am sure he misses the First Queen.

A: And I am sure he wishes he could be home with his family.
    But I am sure he is doing his best to protect our Kingdom.

N: Certain people in the Kingdom seemed not to want the New Queen to be brave.

VW: Mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

MM: I refuse to talk any more about this.

VW: What shall I do? He won't love me any more!

MM: He'll love you just fine if you settle down and quit worrying.

VW: Why me? I didn't do anything to deserve this.

MM: It is part of you job as queen.
    Please try to be brave a little longer.

VW: She is too beautiful. I'll kill her.

MM: That won't make her father love you.

VW: Why can't he come back to me?

MM: The King is presently leading a very dangerous battle.

VW: Will he win?

MM: I cannot tell you the future.
    You agreed to that.

VW: Will he still love me?

MM: His heart is still true.

[JMR: Written May 2014, published 21 January 2017.]

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