Practice Conversation -- New Years and Winter Holiday

[JMR Posted February 6th. Should have been posted early in January.]
At the airport, Nanami is heading home for winter vacation:

Alice: Do you have everything, love?

Nanami: Just my backpack and my carry-on bag.
  It really is okay if I leave everything else?

Alice: It's no problem, love.
  It won't be in our way.

Art: Don't worry 'bout it, mate.
  It'll all be waiting here for you when you get back.

Christopher: I promise I’ll stay out of your stuff!

Julie: If he so much as peeks into your room,
  I’ll take his head off!

Christopher: Mom! She’s threatening me again!

Alice: Oh, behave yourselves.
  There’s your flight, Nana.
  Take care of yourself.

Nanami: Thanks for everything.
  Goodbye. I’ll see you in two weeks.

Art: Have a merry!

Nanami: Everybody have happy holidays!

Julie: See you next year!

Christopher: Take care!

At the airport, two weeks later, Nanami is returning to her home stay family after winter vacation:

Christopher: There she is!

Nanami: Alice!

Alice: Nana, love! Over here!

Nanami: Art, Julie, Christopher, Happy New Year!

Christopher: Oh. Yeah. Happy new year.
  You missed the fireworks.

Julie: Ignore my brother. Happy New Year, Nana! 
  How were your holidays?

Nanami: I had a wonderful time at home.
  But I'm glad to be back.

Alice: Tell us about it on the way.
  We must have your family come visit sometime.

Art: Indeed.  Got your stuff? Let's go.

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