PTA English Class November Notes -- Simple Everyday English

Here are the notes for November's class:

"I'd Walk a Thousand Miles" is a popular song by Vanessa Carlton. It was released in 2001 and 2002, and was very popular in the USA, Europe, and Australia, but not in Japan.
[I'd Walk a Thousand Miles:  一千マイル歩くわ!(ポピュラーソング)]
[Vanessa Carlton: ヴァネッサ・カールトン(歌手)]
[release: 解放させる => 登場させる]

ONE OK ROCK performed a live cover of the song in September 2014, at Yokohama Stadium.
[ONE OK ROCK: ワンオクロック(日本のロックバンド)]
[live: 生(演奏)]
[cover: ]

The name of the band, "ONE OK ROCK", is a pun. It can be read as "one o'clock", the time, or as "one okay rock", meaning "a good rock (sound/music)". The band used to practice at one o'clock in the morning, when it was cheap.
[pun: 駄洒落(だじゃれ)]
[be read: (受動態の「ビー レッド」)]
[mean: 意味する]
[used to ...: (昔は)…する習慣があった]
[when ...: …の時]
[cheap: (価格が)安い、特価の]

A pun is a "play on words", or playing with words.
[play: 遊び、しゃれ、作戦など]
[play on words: 言葉上の遊び]

We listened to "A Thousand Miles" and talked a little about the meaning:
[talk about ...: …について話し合う(しゃべり合う)]

(Poetry is always subject to personal interpretation, and mine is not the only interpretation.)

Phrases from "A Thousand Miles"

making my way

home bound

staring blankly ahead

making a way through



fall into the sky

pass by

I'd walk a thousand miles

I wonder if ...

everything's so wrong (everything is)

I don't belong

living in ...

let you know


let this go (let it go, let go)

(You can find the whole lyrics via Google or Yahoo, etc.)

make your way through life

Parlor game (game that can be played at home without special equipment)

Never have I ever! (Non-drinking version)

[non-drinking version: ビールなどを飲まないバージョン]

I have never done that.

never ever

(1) Players hold up ten fingers.
[hold up: 上げる]

(2) The first person says something that he or she has never done.
[he or she: 性別がわからなければ両方を指摘します。]
[something that ...: …の何か]
[A has never done B.: AはBをやったことがない。]
[say: 言いあげる]

For instance,
  • Never have I ever swum in the Osaka Castle moat.
  • Never ever have I been to the moon.
  • I have never ever flown like a bird.
  • Never have I ever cheated on a test.
  • etc.
(3) Everyone who has done that thing puts one finger down.
[everyone who ...:  …の皆さん]
[A has done B: AはBをやったことがある。]
[put down: 下す]

(4) Then the next player tells something he or she has never done.

The winner is the most boring.
[most boring: もっとも面白いことやっていない人]

Can you help me with this job?
[with ...: …で]
[job: 仕事、作業、家事など(の一コマ)]

yummy (casual word for "delicious")

The (homestay) everyday English example will be posted separately, later.

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