Threads of Plot (Story Threads)

Story Lines and Episodes

These are from more than twenty years ago, when I was teaching Eikaiwa in Takino-cho (which is now in Kato-shi). (They are located on a different server,
  • The Door in the Wall
    Three high school boys' with active imaginations made this one up. I translated it to English, printed it up, let them use it for practice the next week. See also, A World in a Wall, indexed below.
  • Five telephone examples, including some prank answers
    A business call, a family call, and three prank answers. These were by request for a business class that I taught in Takino-cho. Yeah, they were interested in the prank answers, too.
  • A prank call that went too far
    Or my imagination went too far. I dreamt this up while driving between classes in Takino-cho. This is a little high school romance that gets started from a prank call -- I want to turn it into a novel for high school kids, sometime.

These are on this server, mostly in this blog. Some of the story lines cross over. Some might get turned into novels or novellas. Almost all are constructed as conversation vignettes.

(Other threads of thought in this blog.)

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