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These posts talk about popular literature. Several include some conversation examples.

  • "What about Me?" is a song that Anne Murray made famous.
    "How about Me?" is a song from Ella Fitzgerald's repertoire.
    I use the two songs in this post to compare the meaning and use of these two questions.
    The post includes some conversation examples demonstrating the two questions, with Japanese translation/annotation.
  • "I'm Free" is a song from the rock opera, Tommy, by Pete Townshend and The Who, which I refer to in this post, which is a story episode in conversation form, to demonstrate the difference between being "free" and being "free to do something specific".
  • "I'm Yours" is a recent song by Jason Mraz that the PTA parents' class looked at during the November 2015 lesson. The lesson included a look at part of the lyrics, which I recorded in my notes. Also, I posted a dialog demonstrating the phrase "you bet" that appears in the lyrics.
  • "Jingle Bell Rock" is a song from Bobby Helms's catalog, written by Joseph Carleton Beal and James Ross Boothe, that we looked at the next month, during the December 2015 lesson. But I only included vocabulary and expression from the song in my notes, none of the lyrics.
  • "Sayonara" is a popular song from Kazumasa Oda and the Japanese band Off Course, covered in English by Kantner, Balin, and Casady as the band KCB.
    I worked up my own translation, in this post, which does not include any sample conversation material.
  • (more as I find or post them)

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