Salt and Flour Clay Crafts (日本語注釈付き)

Making salt-and-flour clay in English for the arts/crafts in English classes this week. Here's the recipe I'm using this time:

Here is how you make salt-and-flour clay:
salt: 塩、食塩
flour: 小麦粉
clay: 粘土

(1) Put two heaping tablespoons of salt in a bowl.
heaping: 盛るほど、盛り上がる
tablespoon: テーブルスプーン、大さじ

(2) Add two heaping tablespoons of flour, and stir. Mix the salt and flour well.
add: 加える
stir: かき回す
mix: 混ぜる

(3) Add food coloring, if you want.
food coloring: 食べ物用の着色料
if you want: 好みに合わせて

(4) Stir in water until the salt and flour mixture becomes a paste. If you add too much water, you can add more salt and flour. If the color is not bright enough, you can add more food coloring.
paste: ペースト、糊状の物
if you add too much: 多すぎに加えたら
bright: 明るい(色)
if ... not enough: 十分ではない場合

(5) Set the mixture aside for at least an hour to improve the consistency.
set aside: 取っておく、置いておく
at least: 少なくとも
for ...: (時間)(にわたって・にかけて)
improve: よくする、改良する
consistency: 堅さ、密度、粘度

(6) Before shaping the clay with your hands, powder your hands with flour.
before: 前に
shape: 形作る
powder: 粉を付ける

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