Practice -- Looking at the Castle on the Map

Sherry: I have a map of the castle.

Jun: Let's see it. They say it covers about a full square kilometer of land.

Tom: Wow. Those moats look as wide as the river.
[moat: 濠(ほり)]

Michiko: Leave your fishing pole at home, Tom.

Jun: Oh, c'mon. I'm sure no one would mind too much.

Sherry: Well, I'm not coming to bail you two out of jail.
[bail: 保釈金、 bail out: 救い出す]

Tom: Is this the main tower? I think I read that there are seven turrets.
[turret: 小塔・砲塔]

Jun:  There are at least five. Do we want to visit the museum?

Michiko: I don't think we have time.

Sherry: Let's make the time.

Jun: The website says there is an entrance fee.
[fee: 費用]

Tom: Let's take enough money for the fee, and if there is enough time after we tour the castle we'll check out the museum.

Jun: Are we all agreed?

Sherry: Sure.

Michiko: I guess that will work.

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