March 2nd Notes: A Fictional Game of Go Fish

A: Let's play "Go Fish"!

B: What's "Go Fish"?

C: Yeah, what's "Go Fish"?

D: Do we need fishing poles?

E: And bait?

A: Uhm, no. It's a card game.

D: Card game?

E: You mean, like trump?

A: Well, sort of. It's kind of like Old Maid, but different.

C: What's "Old Made"?

B: Is it something you made a long time ago?

D: I think that's a different "made".

A: Yeah. This is not the past tense of  "make".

C: So what is it?

D: Isn't a "maid" an unmarried woman?

A: That's right.

E: Uhm, then, "old" is, like, not young?

A: Yeah.

E: Oh, yeah. Let me guess. One of the cards is the "old maid". And you take turns taking cards from each other. And nobody wants the old maid.

C: That's terrible! Prejudice! Discrimination!

E: It's Baba-nuki in Japanese.

A: Right. Well, Go Fish is different. Instead of taking cards, you ask for them.

B: Does it use a trump deck?

A: It can. But I've made a deck of irregular verb cards.

B: Verbs! Yuck!

D: I get it.  Different forms. Present tense and past tense make a pair.

A: Actually, past tense and past participle in the deck I made.

E: Sneaky. You're making us practice. Cool.

B: No. Not cool. You're mean.

A: But I've put the plain form on both.

B: Well, ...

C: So, how do we play?

A: I'll be the dealer the first time. First, I shuffle the cards, of course. Then I deal seven cards to each player, like this, face down. I put the rest of the cards in a draw pile, or "pond", where everyone can reach them.

D: Can we look at our cards?

A: Sure.

E: But we don't let anyone else see them, right?

A: Yeah. Look for pairs of cards in your hand. Put any pairs you have down in front of you.

B: Here in the middle?

A: Uh, no, you want keep them in front of you so you can count them later.

C: Do they count against us?

E: I think the one with the most pairs wins?

A: That's right.C

D: Who starts?

A: The player to the left of the dealer, or we can jung for it.

All: Jung-ken-poh!

B: I start!

C: So it goes to the left, anyway.

B: Okay, hold up your cards so I can pick.

E: Wait. That's Baba-nuki. I think Go Fish is different.

A: Yep. Look in your hand and choose a card.

B: Okay, this one. I want this one.

A: You can ask anyone.

C: Not just the next person?

A: Right. Anyone.

B: Okay, Mr. A, give me this one.

A: That's one way to ask. What is it?

B: This one.

D: What's the word?

B: Uhm, let me see. "Eaten".

E: So the card that matches it is "ate", right?

A: Right. And I don't have it. Go fish.

B: Huh?

C: I think that means you draw a card from the pond.

A: Exactly.

B: Okay. Now what?

D: Does it match? Is it "ate"?

B: Yeah. Should I make a pair and put it down?

C: Lucky!

A: Yeah, put it down. And, since you got the card you asked for, you get to go again.

B: Okay, Ms. D, I want "sleep".

D: I want some sleep, too. But I don't have it. Go fish.

B: I didn't get it. What time did you get to bed last night?

D: I got to bed about three o'clock this morning.

E: That's way too late.

D: I was making a present for my husband.

C: What are you making?

D: Now, I can't tell anyone before I give it to him, can I?

E: Awww.

A: Can you make any other pairs, Mr. B?

B: Uhm. Nope. I gave my wife a present yesterday!

A: Okay, it's your turn, Ms. C.

D: What did you give her?

B: A box of chocolates.

E: Goncharoff?

B: I think it was Godiva.

C: I'm jealous. Hmm. Any card, and I can ask anyone?

A: Yeah.

C: Do I ask in plain form, or do I have to ask for the one I don't have?

E: I think we have to practice.

B: I can't remember them all.

A: It's up to you guys.

D: I vote we don't have to remember today.

C: Me, too.

E: Hmmph.

A: Of course, if we do remember, we should practice, but let's not make it too hard today.

E: Weeelllll, okay. I guess I don't mind.

C: Okay, I remembered. Ms. E, do you have "written"?

E: No. I don't. Go fish.

B: She's cheating.

D: I think she's hiding a card.

E: If I am, you'll find out.

A: Yeah, it can be pretty obvious if we cheat. So, no cheating!

E: Anyway, I don't have it.

C: All right. Let's see what I get. Nope, I didn't get it. But I can make a different pair now.

A: Great. Put that pair down, but, since it's not the one you asked for, it's D's turn.

D: Okay, Ms. E, do you have "done"?

E: Nope. Go fish.

D: Okay, I didn't get it, and I can't make a pair.

E: So, it's my turn. Mr. B, do you have "slept"?

B: That's sneaky!

D: Oh. I see. We have to listen to who asks for what.

E: Right!

B: Here you are.

E: Thank you.

E: Mr. A, do you have "gave"?

A: I would give you "gave", but I'll give you "given", instead. Here. Take this.

E: Oh.

C: Ah hah! You forgot the past participle!

E: Heh heh. Yep. Thanks. Now, it's my turn again?

A: Yeah.

E: Okay, Ms. C, do you have, uhm, "said"?

C: No, I don't. Go fish.

E: Okay. Hmm. It's your turn, Mr. A.

A: Okay. I want "said". Please give it to me.

B: Now Mr. A is being sneaky!

E: Here you are.

A: Thank you. Mr. B, do you have "got"?

B: No, I don't. Go fish.

A: Okay. Nope. Nothing. No match. Your turn, Mr. B.

B: Ms. E, you look suspicious. I think you have "slept".

E: I'm sure not getting enough sleep. Let me sleep. I haven't slept in the last twelve hours!

C: Now, that's teasing.

E: Heh, heh. Here you are.

B: Thank you. Ms. D, do you have, "goon"?

D: "Goon"? I don't think that's a verb. Please ask me again.

B: How do you say this?

C: "Gone."

B: Okay, do you have "gone", Ms D?

D: Yes, I do. Here it is.

B: Thank you. Mr. A, do you have "read"?

A: Did you say "reed?"

B: Uhm, is it like "red", then?

A: Yes. Please take this.

B: Oh! Thank you. Now I'm out of cards. What do I do?

A: We can either go out and wait, or we can draw a card and end the turn. Which way do you guys want to do it?

D: Let's keep playing.

C: I think so, too.

E: Yeah. Draw another card, Mr. B.

[About twenty minutes later --]

D: Ms. C, where have you been? I mean, do you have "been"?

C: Here you go. I'm out.

D: Thank you. That makes all of us.

B: So, now we count our pairs. Who won?

E: I think we all did.

A: I think so, too.

B: Let's play this again some time.

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