Example Short Speech: Ping-pong

[Note that this is intended a (fabricated) example speech, not as a personal statement.

My name is (Given) (Family). I am a freshman at (School Name) High School, in class 1. I will talk about ping-pong.

I like ping-pong.

It is called ping-pong because of the sound the balls make. It is also called table tennis because it is like playing tennis on a table.

The basic rules of table tennis are not hard. You hit the ball back and forth on the table.

Ping-pong is good exercise. You use your arms, legs, and eyes when you play. And ping-pong takes at least two players. So it is a good opportunity to practice social skills.

I have my own ping-pong paddle. I take good care of it.

Ping-pong is interesting and fun.

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