Example Essays: I Like Ping Pong

[Note that this is intended a (fabricated) example essay, not as a personal statement.


My favorite sport is table tennis, or ping-pong.

I have been playing ping-pong for four years. I started when I entered junior high school.

I joined the ping-pong club because I thought it would be more fun than soccer. I found out that ping-pong is good exercise. Playing it well takes lots of practice.

In ping-pong, wrist coordination is the most important thing. Using the wrist, you can put a spin on the ball. Putting a spin on the ball is important to strategy because it makes it hard to return the ball.

I have learned a lot from the other members of the club. Ping-pong players are fun to hang around with.

Now I enjoy ping-pong more than any other sport.

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