Example Essay: My Favorite Sport Is Not a Sport

My favorite sport is dance.

I have danced since I was pretty young. My mother used to tell me I was born dancing. My body moved a lot.

My friends and my siblings and their friends sometimes teased me about my dancing. I’d hang around at parties that my brother and my sisters sometimes held, and jive and groove until my mother told me it was time for me to go to bed. Several of my sisters took creative dance classes, and sometimes they wouldn’t chase me off when I watched them work out and practice.

After I saved up money from delivering newspapers and bought my own sound system, sometimes I’d close the bedroom door, turn up the volume, and ride the vibes. The noise of my feet on the wooden floor was about as loud as the music, I think.

In college, I took a lot of modern dance classes. I also took some martial arts, to improve my timing and balance. I don’t have time to dance much any more, but I still use a daily exercise regime that I developed from what I learned in those classes.

One of my dance teachers described modern dance as a study in how to move from here to there.

I tend to describe it as a study in the use of the body as a tool.

You may not think that my favorite sport is a sport, but my favorite sport is dance.

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