PTA Practice for Next Time: Talking about Wounds (January 26th)

[For the PTA class. 
A conversation between six teenagers.

Jerry: Whoa! Al! What happened to your hand?

Alex: My hand?

Jane: That huge bandage!

Alex: Oh, that. It's just wrapped in gauze.

George: We can see that. Why?

Alex: I burned it.

Regina: No kidding! How'd you do it?

Alex: I don't want to talk about it.

Amy: He was doing unsupervised physics experiments.

Regina: Huh?

Alex: Okay, I was playing with lighter fluid and matches.

Jerry: Smart, real smart.

George: Must be pretty badly burnt.

Amy: Not really. Just 3rd degree burns on the back of the hand and fingers.

Jerry: 3rd degree! Can We see it?

Alex: No way! This bandage is here for a purpose.

Regina: Does it hurt?

Alex: Just a little.

Amy: You should have heard him screaming.

Alex: I did not scream.

Amy: You know, that's actually true. He did not scream. I think he was in a state of shock.

Jane: How long do you have to keep the bandage on?

Alex: A couple of weeks. I have to change it every day, 'though. Can't take a shower for a whole week.

George: Eeeew! You're gonna stink!

Amy: He gets to take sponge baths.

Jerry: Well, that's better than nothing.

Jane: Does it look gross?

Amy: Yeah. Charred flesh. Black and purple and red.

Regina: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Jerry: You haven't even seen it yet!

Regina: Just imagining it is bad enough.

Jerry: Well don't think about it.

George: Hey, man, are you okay Al? You're looking pretty pale.

Alex: Let's talk about something else.

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