Practice for the Next Class -- Inviting a Friend (December 15th)

An Invitation -- 招待

[Scene: Andy Adams and Jun Tanaka are at work.
 -- アンディー・アダムズと田中ジュンは仕事中です。]

Andy: Hey, Jun, gotta minute?
[Hey, Jun, have you got a minute?
 -- な、ジュン、ちょっと一分、いい?]

Jun: Wacha got?
[What have you got?
 -- なにがある? => どうした?]

Andy: Gotta draft v'th plan here, 'd like yer opinion.
[I've got a draft of the plan here. I'd like your opinion.
 -- 計画の下書きよ。みてもらえる?]

Jun: M'kay, lemme see it.
[Hmm. Okay, let me see it.
 -- いいよ。見せて。]
  Say, are you and the family busy next weekend?
[ --話かわるけど、アダムズ家の皆は来週の週末、予定開いていない?]

Andy: Busy 'nuff probly. You 'n yours got plans?
[We're busy enough, probably. Have you and yours got plans?
 -- まあまあ忙しいと思うけど、田中家は何か計画たてている?]

Jun: Barb wan'sta hava barbeque Saturday evnin,
  sort'va pre-Christmas thing.
[Barbara wants to have a barbeque Saturday evening,
  it's a sort of a pre-Christmas thing.
 -- バーバラさんは土曜日夕方バーベキューを考えている。

Andy: Barbeque?
[ -- バーベキューって?]

Jun: Puta grill out'n th'balconey.
[We'll put a grill out on the balconey.
 -- グリルをベランダに設置してやる。]

Andy: Sounds fun.
[It sounds fun.
 -- おもしろそう。]

Jun: Watch n'old Gene Kelly movie after th'food.
[We'll watch an old Gene Kelly movie after (eating) the food.
 -- 食べてから、ジーンケリーの昔の映画を見ようと。]

Andy: Gene Kelly?
  M'kids'r morinta, uhm, Psycho-pass, wazit?
[Gene Kelly?
  My kids are more into (the movie), uhm, Psycho-pass was it called?
 -- ジーンケリーって?

Jun: So, can you guys come?.
[ -- どう?来れる?]

Andy: I'll ask. What do you want us to bring?
[ -- 聞いてみる。何か持ってきてほしいものある?]

Jun: Anything you feel like sharing would be fine.
 [-- 分けてもらってもいいものなら、任せるよ。]

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