My Summer Vacation (Jr. High and High School Level)

Matthew's Summer Vacation


Jr. High Level 1

I stayed home for summer vacation.
I read books.
I surfed the Internet.
I wrote stories.
Summer vacation was interesting.

Jr. High Level 2

I stayed home during summer vacation.
I spent some time with my family.
I read books and did research on the Internet.
I also wrote part of a novel.
Summer vacation was too short.

High School Level 1

I did not go anywhere for summer vacation.
I didn't spend enough time with my family.
I read some books and did some research on the Internet.
I also worked on a novel that I am writing.
Summer vacation was interesting, but it was too short.

High School Level 2

I didn't take my family on any trips during summer vacation. I went many places on the Internet, instead. I read some books, too. I was doing research for a novel that I am writing.

I spent most of my summer vacation working on the novel. Maybe it will be interesting.

My children played video games, and I watched them sometimes. I wanted more time to spend with my family.

Summer vacation ended too soon.

High School Level 3

My family and I stayed home for summer vacation.

My wife has a part-time job, so she worked most of the summer.

I am writing a novel, so I did some research for it on the Internet. I also read some books to help me write. I spent most of the summer on the novel. I hope it will be interesting when I finish it.

I spent some time watching my children play video games and talking with them. I read a few books that I want my children to read, but they weren’t interested.

I needed more vacation time, to take my family somewhere.

One More High School Level

I went to a desert island with my friends during summer vacation. It was hot and it rained a lot.

We explored the island and swam in the ocean. We gathered fruit and vegetables, and caught fish for food. We ate fish and vegetables that we cooked ourselves.

At first, we stayed in a tent, but then we built a hut out of bamboo.

There were two lakes on the island. One was clear and pretty, but the other stank.  We did not swim in the clear lake because we wanted to keep the water clean. And we decided not to swim in the lake that stank.

When we were bored, we played football on the beach.

I had fun with my friends on the desert island, in my imagination.

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