February 5th Notes -- Hotel Reservation by Phone, with Annotation.

[Without annotations:
 注釈なし : http://joels-random-eikaiwa.blogspot.jp/2016/02/for-next-lesson-hotel-reservation-by.html

Beth: Fritz Hotel, front desk.
  My name is Beth, how may we help you?
[front desk => ホテルの受付・フロント
    (クラスの資料に "Maria" と書いていて、すみませんでした。)
 How may we help you? => ご用は何なのですか?
    ("help" とは「役立てる」と考えて良いと思います。)

Tom: I'd like to make a reservation for two on the 27th, 28th, and 29th.
[reservation => 予約
 make a reservation => 予約する
 for two => 二人に、二人分
 27th など => 27日など

Beth: Separate beds or double bed?
[separate => 別々、個別
    (twin beds => 2台の個別のベッド)
 double bed => 2人用のベッド (サイズとしてはおよそ 140 cm × 195 cm)

Tom: Double bed, please.
  It's our honeymoon.
[honey => はちみつ、愛しい人
 honeymoon => 愛しい者の月、新婚旅行
Beth: We have a honeymoon suite available those nights.
[suite => 一揃い (部屋なら、寝室、居間、浴室の揃い)
 honeymoon suite => 新婚者用の部屋(に因んで、高級スイートルーム)
    (bridal suite も、花嫁からひいて、同様)
 available => 利用可、予約可

Tom: Just a minute.
  Michiko, can we afford a honeymoon suite?
[afford => 負う、与える、 (経済などに) 余裕があって間に合う

Michiko: How much is it?
[how much => 幾ら、どれほど (数えにくい場合)

Tom: How much would the honeymoon suite be?
[would ... be => (「仮に」という気持ちを示して、「になる」)
    (would ... be if we chose it?)

Beth: It's a premium twin suite
  with a view of the beach from the balcony
  and a double bath,
  with free wifi and air conditioning,
  and breakfast served to your room included,
  for forty thousand yen a night.
[premium => 最高級
 view => (景色の) 眺め
 double bath => 二人入りほど広い浴槽・風呂場
 free => タダで
 free 〇〇 => 〇〇付き
 wifi => ワイファイの無線接続
    (正式に "Wi-Fi" (https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi)。
     "Hi-fi" に因んだのに、"wireless fidelity" の意味ではないとする。)
 air conditioning => エアコン (による気温調整)
 breakfast served => (部屋での) 朝ごはんの給餌
    (breakfast served in your room)
 〇〇 included => 〇〇付き
 40,000 a night => 一泊当り4万
    (per night)

Tom: 40,000 a night, that's, uhm, 120,000 yen.
[ouch => 痛い! (イテッ!) の発言

Michiko: We can't afford that.
  Do they have something at ten thousand a night?
[something at 〇〇 => 〇〇の値段でのもの

Tom: That's way out of our league.
  What's your cheapest room for two?
[way => はるかに
 out of our league => 私達の範囲外
 cheapest => 一番安い

Beth: It's a really great room, lots of privacy,
  lots of access to the beach and the city.
[really great => 本当に素晴らしい
 lots of => 結構の、山ほどの
 privacy => 私事、隠退、人目から守れる環境
 lots of privacy => 人目からよく守れる
 access => 出入り
 lots of access to 〇〇 => 〇〇への出入りの良い

Tom: We can't afford it.

Beth: We can give you a deal,
  half price for that weekend.
[deal => 取り扱い、配り、やり取り
    (good deal)
 We can give you a deal. => おまけできます。
 half price => 半額
 for that weekend => その週末に (その日付に)

Tom: That's still sixty thousand yen for three nights.
[that's still => それでも

Michiko: Oh. Well, if we scrimp a bit, ...
[scrimp => 節約する
 a bit => 少し、ある程度
    (a little bit, a little)

Beth: Well, our cheapest rooms are not really appropriate for newlyweds.
  They are right on the beach, so they'll be rather noisy.
  We only have twin beds, no double or queen-sized beds.
  Air conditioning, wifi, and meals come extra.
[appropriate => 適している
 newly => 新しく
 wed => 結婚する
 newlyweds => 新婚者
 not appropriate for 〇〇 => 〇〇に適していない
 right => 直 (に)
 right on 〇〇 => 〇〇に直接、直ぐに、接している、接近して
 beach => 海岸、砂浜、浜辺、水際
 rather => (むしろ) まあまあ、かなり
 noisy => 騒がしい、騒々しい
 meals => 食事
 extra => 余分
 come extra => 別途になる

Tom: How much?

Beth: Fifteen thousand a night.

Tom: Fifteen thousand a night,
  that's forty-five thousand for the three nights.
  Does it have a view of the beach?

Beth: Some do, some don't.
  Mostly, surfers rent the rooms.
[some => 幾つか、幾らか
 Some do, some don't. => ものによって有る、ものによってない。
 mostly => ほとんど、大概は

Tom: In the surfer section, Mich,
  right on the beach.
  Basic, no frills.
[section => 区域
 Mich => Michiko の愛称
 basic => 基本的
 frill => (服などの) 細かい飾り、虚飾、不用のもの

Michiko: Surf city! Sounds good.
  How many more hotels should we check?
[〇〇 city => 〇〇沢山、〇〇でまり上がるところ
 sounds good => 良さそう
 how many => 幾つ、どれほど (数えやすい場合)
 more => もっと、これ以上
 check => 見る (診る)

Tom: Thank you. Your name was Beth, right?
[right? => ね?

Beth: That's right.

Tom: My name's Tom.
  I'd like to check a few more hotels.
  Can we call back on this?
[I would like to 〇〇。 => 〇〇にしたい。
    ("want to" よりちょっと丁寧な言い方)
 few => 幾らか
 call back => 連絡し直す、折り返し連絡する

Beth: Oh, sure, Tom.

Tom: Thank you. Goodbye.

Beth Thank you, and hope to talk with you later. Goodbye.
[(I) hope to 〇〇。 => 〇〇を待ちしております。
 later => また、あとに

[Some time later.]

Beth: Hello. Fritz Hotel.
  Why put on the Ritz when you can go on the Fritz?
[Ritz Hotel => 伝説の高級ホテル「リッツホテル」
 put on the Ritz => リッツホテルに行く服装を着る
 on the fritz => 故障している (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/on_the_fritz)
 go on the fritz = 故障する、潰れていく
 Why △△ when you can 〇〇? =>

Tom: I take it you are bored?
[take it (that) 〇〇 => 〇〇としてとらえる、〇〇と解釈する
 bore => 穴をあける、退屈させる
 be bored => 退屈する、暇になっている
 I take it you are bored? => お暇ですか?

Beth: No. I've actually been rather busy.
[actually => 実際に (実は)

Tom: This is Tom again.

Beth: Oh, yes. You wanted our honeymoon suit, after all, right?
[after all => 結局は

Tom: No, we we're talking about a surfer twin room.

Beth: Oh, that's right. Cheapskate.
  Just joking.
[cheapskate => ケチンボ
 just => ただ単に
 joke => 冗談を言う、ふざける

Tom: That's okay. Is there a room still available?

Beth: Well, actually, no.
  Since you called, we had a surfing tour book all those rooms.
[since => から
 since you called => (この文では) ご連絡の後
 book => 本に書き留める
 book ... rooms => (この文では) 部屋を予約する

Tom: Oh, dear.
[ => あらま! (のような感じ)
    ("Oh, dear God." に因んで、ですが、

Beth: But my manager says we can give you the same price
  for the honeymoon suite, but without the meals.
[say 〇〇 => 〇〇という
 give 〇〇 the same price => 〇〇に同じ価格を指定する
 without 〇〇 => 〇〇無しに

Tom: She says the surfer rooms are all booked,
  but she can give us the honeymoon suite without meals
  for fifteen thousand a night.
[ここの "give" は、解釈によれば、

Michiko: Oh, that's disappointing.
  We'll have to drag our boards down the stairs.
[drag => 引きづる
 boards => surfboards
 down => 下へ、降りた方向
 down the stairs => 階段を降りて

Tom: Fifteen thousand?

Beth: Yes.

Tom: What floor?

Beth: Do you want a lower floor?
[ここで、 honeymoon suite から普通な部屋に話が展開している。

Tom: The lower the better, I think.

Beth: Second floor, with an ordinary bath okay?
[ベスさんは "ordinary bath" を指摘して
    honeymoon suite ではないことを半分暗黙に示しています。

Tom: Second floor, ordinary bath. Is that okay, honey?

Michiko: Sure.

Tom: We'll take it.
[take => 「受け取る」意味をもって、決まったことを示します。

Beth: Okay, I'll need your full name and credit information.

[この対話では、「on the fritz」の表現は冗談に唱えていますが、
    "doesn't work" とか "not working" を覚えると楽かも知れません。

    「聞き逃す」意味の "In one ear and out the other."