For the Next Lesson -- Hotel Reservation by Phone.

[With annotations:
 注釈付き : http://joels-random-eikaiwa.blogspot.jp/2016/03/february-5th-notes-hotel-reservation-by.html

Beth: Fritz Hotel, front desk.
  My name is Beth, how may we help you?

Tom: I'd like to make a reservation for two on the 27th, 28th, and 29th.

Beth: Separate beds or double bed?

Tom: Double bed, please.
  It's our honeymoon.

Beth: We have a honeymoon suite available those nights.

Tom: Just a minute.
  Michiko, can we afford a honeymoon suite?

Michiko: How much is it?

Tom: How much would the honeymoon suite be?

Beth: It's a premium twin suite
  with a view of the beach from the balcony
  and a double bath,
  with free wifi and air conditioning,
  and breakfast served to your room included,
  for forty thousand yen a night.

Tom: 40,000 a night, that's, uhm, 120,000 yen.

Michiko: We can't afford that.
  Do they have something at ten thousand a night?

Tom: That's way out of our league.
  What's your cheapest room for two?

Beth: It's a really great room, lots of privacy,
  lots of access to the beach and the city.

Tom: We can't afford it.

Beth: We can give you a deal,
  half price for that weekend.

Tom: That's still sixty thousand yen for three nights.

Michiko: Oh. Well, if we scrimp a bit, ...

Beth: Well, our cheapest rooms are not really appropriate for newlyweds.
  They are right on the beach, so they'll be rather noisy.
  We only have twin beds, no double or queen-sized beds.
  Air conditioning, wifi, and meals come extra.

Tom: How much?

Beth: Fifteen thousand a night.

Tom: Fifteen thousand a night,
  that's forty-five thousand for the three nights.
  Does it have a view of the beach?

Beth: Some do, some don't.
  Mostly, surfers rent the rooms.

Tom: In the surfer section, Mich,
  right on the beach.
  Basic, no frills.

Michiko: Surf city! Sounds good.
  How many more hotels should we check?

Tom: Thank you. Your name was Beth, right?

Beth: That's right.

Tom: My name's Tom.
  I'd like to check a few more hotels.
  Can we call back on this?

Beth: Oh, sure, Tom.

Tom: Thank you. Goodbye.

Beth Thank you, and hope to talk with you later. Goodbye.

[Some time later.]

Beth: Hello. Fritz Hotel.
  Why put on the Ritz when you can go on the Fritz?

Tom: I take it you are bored?

Beth: No. I've actually been rather busy.

Tom: This is Tom again.

Beth: Oh, yes. You wanted our honeymoon suit, after all, right?

Tom: No, we we're talking about a surfer twin room.

Beth: Oh, that's right. Cheapskate.
  Just joking.

Tom: That's okay. Is there a room still available?

Beth: Well, actually, no.
  Since you called, we had a surfing tour book all those rooms.

Tom: Oh, dear.

Beth: But my manager says we can give you the same price
  for the honeymoon suite, but without the meals.

Tom: She says the surfer rooms are all booked,
  but she can give us the honeymoon suite without meals
  for fifteen thousand a night.

Michiko: Oh, that's disappointing.
  We'll have to drag our boards down the stairs.

Tom: Fifteen thousand?

Beth: Yes.

Tom: What floor?

Beth: Do you want a lower floor?

Tom: The lower the better, I think.

Beth: Second floor, with an ordinary bath okay?

Tom: Second floor, ordinary bath. Is that okay, honey?

Michiko: Sure.

Tom: We'll take it.

Beth: Okay, I'll need your full name and credit information.