September Practice -- Shopping

[I'm sorry this wasn't up Wednesday.
I also apologize that I can't put Japanese translations in just yet.
Key phrases, with translations are now here.

Michiko: So, can we do something for you folks?

Andy: Uhmm, we're sort of looking for clothes.

Michiko: Sort of, but not really?

Anne: No. We are definitely looking for clothes.
  We're going to buy my husband a new suit today, if at all possible.

Tom: Okay, we'll really try to help.

Amy: Dad's suits are pathetic.

Alex: They're older than I am.

Tom: Classics?

Andy: You said they were at the height of fashion when we bought them!

Anne: That was twenty years ago.

Amy: I don't think Dad has bought a new shirt in three years.

Michiko: So, he's looking for quality.

Alex: Dad bought his newest pair of dress slacks when I was in junior high.

Andy: Take it easy, there! My tie is pretty recent.

Amy: I gave it to him for Christmas a year ago.

Andy: My socks are not all that old.

Alex: I gave them to you for your birthday two years ago.

Anne: They have holes in them.

Amy: That does not make them holy, Dad.

Andy: I can't get a break.

Tom: Well, let's see if we can help you get a break and find some clothes.

Andy: Hey, this shirt's cheap!

Michiko: It's an end of summer sale.

Anne: You need a dress shirt more than you need a Hawaiian shirt.

Amy: This suit is cool! How much is it?

Tom: That is rather expensive.
  We only price it after we customize it.

Andy: That's going to be out of my league.

Anne: Maybe you should have a really good suit sometime.

Andy: I'm guessing it's going to be a price that will require us to cash in a CD.

Tom: It will price in at
  something over a hundred fifty thousand [150,000] yen, Ma'am.

Alex: Fifteen hundred [1,500] dollars! Wow! Cool!

Anne: I guess we don't have to be that cool.

Michiko: So, what is your price range?

Anne: Uhm, well, I was hoping for something less than two hundred dollars [200].

Amy: That's twenty thousand [20,000] yen.

Michiko: You can do the conversions in your head! That's great.

Andy: Looking at these suits, Honey,
  I think we have to look as high as five hundred [500].

Anne: Ouch. Okay. You need the suit.

Andy: May I try this on?

Amy: That suit is so gross, Dad!

Alex: I think it's cool!

Andy: On second thought, ...

Anne: Amy, shush. It's okay, Sweetheart. Try it on.

Tom: Let me show you to the dressing rooms.


Andy: Okay, how's it look?

Anne: I hate to say this, but I think Amy's reaction is not off-base.

Alex: Maybe she's right. It's not really you, Dad.

Tom: How about this suit?
  It's on sale today for thirty-five thousand [35,000] yen.

Andy: I don't see a sale tag.

Michiko: Manager's special.

Andy: Okay, let's look at it.


Amy: I like it.

Anne: I don't think so.

Andy: Yeah, I guess not.

Anne: Do you have something in a more conservative cut?

Michiko: Well, we do have some nice year-round suits over here.
  All-wool, conservative fashion.

Tom: And we can give you a manager's special on one of those, I think.

Michiko: Tom and I are the managers you see.

Tom: Do you see one you like?

Alex: How about this one, Dad?

Andy: Ah, no. Let's look at this one.


Michiko: So, you want to look at some other stores?

Anne: I guess so.

Tom: Here's my card. Michiko's is the reverse.
  We'll leave a note about the price in case neither of us is here.

Andy: Thank you.


Anne: I'm exhausted. Hi.

Michiko: Oh, hello again. Have you made up your minds?

Andy: Yeah. I'd like the brown suit.

Michiko: Okay. Could you try it on again for fitting?

Anne: Do you have some place I can sit down?

Michiko: Right here, Ma'am.


Michiko: Okay, the suit is forty-seven thousand [47,000] yen.
  We'll give you a ten percent discount on the extra dress shirt.
  Do you need socks to go with this, then?

Andy: I think I need dress socks, as well.
  Do you have some standard black socks in cotton?

Michiko: These are a cotton-wool blend.
  What do you think?

Andy: Looks good. Do you have them in thirty-three centimeters [33 cm.]?


Michiko: Okay, the total, with tax, is
  fifty-five thousand six hundred seventy three [55,673] yen.
  Will that be cash or charge?

Anne: Cash, please.

Andy: We don't like to use the [credit] card when we can avoid it.

Michiko: Thank you.

Tom: Oh! Hi, again. Sorry I've been out to get lunch.
  It looks like Michiko is taking care of you?

Anne: Oh, yes.

Tom: Let me get these bagged up for you.

Michiko: Here's your change,
  four thousand three hundred twenty-seven [4,327] yen.

Anne: Thank you.

Tom: It's been a pleasure to serve you today.


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