Introductions -- a Train Conversation (Inspired by the May PTA class.)

Somewhere on a train in Japan:

Y: Excuse me.
   You look like an American.

Z: Well, I'm from Canada.

Y: Sorry.
   I hope I didn't offend you.

Z: No problem.
   You speak English pretty well?

Y: It's one of my hobbies.
   What brings you to Japan?

Z: Oh, I'm not really sure why.
   It's a long story.

Y: Sorry.
   I seem to be making a bother of myself.

Z: No, not really.

Y: Are you finding your way around okay?

Z: Well enough.
   I'm just traveling randomly, really.

Y: You mean, no plans, no schedule?

Z: Yeah.
   I like to travel.
   But I don't like canned tours.

Y: Canned tours?

Z: Pre-packaged.
   Everything decided in advance.
   You only go where everybody goes,
   see what everybody sees.

Y: So you want to go where your friends haven't been?
   and see things they haven't seen?

Z: Right. 

Y: That's very interesting.
   Isn't it a little dangerous?

Z: I don't carry much money with me.
   That helps me stay out of trouble.


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