March 2nd Notes: A Fictional Game of Go Fish

A: Let's play "Go Fish"!

B: What's "Go Fish"?

C: Yeah, what's "Go Fish"?

D: Do we need fishing poles?

E: And bait?

A: Uhm, no. It's a card game.

D: Card game?

E: You mean, like trump?

A: Well, sort of. It's kind of like Old Maid, but different.

C: What's "Old Made"?

B: Is it something you made a long time ago?

D: I think that's a different "made".

A: Yeah. This is not the past tense of  "make".

C: So what is it?

D: Isn't a "maid" an unmarried woman?

A: That's right.

E: Uhm, then, "old" is, like, not young?

A: Yeah.

E: Oh, yeah. Let me guess. One of the cards is the "old maid". And you take turns taking cards from each other. And nobody wants the old maid.

C: That's terrible! Prejudice! Discrimination!

E: It's Baba-nuki in Japanese.

A: Right. Well, Go Fish is different. Instead of taking cards, you ask for them.

B: Does it use a trump deck?

A: It can. But I've made a deck of irregular verb cards.

B: Verbs! Yuck!

D: I get it.  Different forms. Present tense and past tense make a pair.

A: Actually, past tense and past participle in the deck I made.

E: Sneaky. You're making us practice. Cool.

B: No. Not cool. You're mean.

A: But I've put the plain form on both.

B: Well, ...

C: So, how do we play?

A: I'll be the dealer the first time. First, I shuffle the cards, of course. Then I deal seven cards to each player, like this, face down. I put the rest of the cards in a draw pile, or "pond", where everyone can reach them.

D: Can we look at our cards?

A: Sure.

E: But we don't let anyone else see them, right?

A: Yeah. Look for pairs of cards in your hand. Put any pairs you have down in front of you.

B: Here in the middle?

A: Uh, no, you want keep them in front of you so you can count them later.

C: Do they count against us?

E: I think the one with the most pairs wins?

A: That's right.C

D: Who starts?

A: The player to the left of the dealer, or we can jung for it.

All: Jung-ken-poh!

B: I start!

C: So it goes to the left, anyway.

B: Okay, hold up your cards so I can pick.

E: Wait. That's Baba-nuki. I think Go Fish is different.

A: Yep. Look in your hand and choose a card.

B: Okay, this one. I want this one.

A: You can ask anyone.

C: Not just the next person?

A: Right. Anyone.

B: Okay, Mr. A, give me this one.

A: That's one way to ask. What is it?

B: This one.

D: What's the word?

B: Uhm, let me see. "Eaten".

E: So the card that matches it is "ate", right?

A: Right. And I don't have it. Go fish.

B: Huh?

C: I think that means you draw a card from the pond.

A: Exactly.

B: Okay. Now what?

D: Does it match? Is it "ate"?

B: Yeah. Should I make a pair and put it down?

C: Lucky!

A: Yeah, put it down. And, since you got the card you asked for, you get to go again.

B: Okay, Ms. D, I want "sleep".

D: I want some sleep, too. But I don't have it. Go fish.

B: I didn't get it. What time did you get to bed last night?

D: I got to bed about three o'clock this morning.

E: That's way too late.

D: I was making a present for my husband.

C: What are you making?

D: Now, I can't tell anyone before I give it to him, can I?

E: Awww.

A: Can you make any other pairs, Mr. B?

B: Uhm. Nope. I gave my wife a present yesterday!

A: Okay, it's your turn, Ms. C.

D: What did you give her?

B: A box of chocolates.

E: Goncharoff?

B: I think it was Godiva.

C: I'm jealous. Hmm. Any card, and I can ask anyone?

A: Yeah.

C: Do I ask in plain form, or do I have to ask for the one I don't have?

E: I think we have to practice.

B: I can't remember them all.

A: It's up to you guys.

D: I vote we don't have to remember today.

C: Me, too.

E: Hmmph.

A: Of course, if we do remember, we should practice, but let's not make it too hard today.

E: Weeelllll, okay. I guess I don't mind.

C: Okay, I remembered. Ms. E, do you have "written"?

E: No. I don't. Go fish.

B: She's cheating.

D: I think she's hiding a card.

E: If I am, you'll find out.

A: Yeah, it can be pretty obvious if we cheat. So, no cheating!

E: Anyway, I don't have it.

C: All right. Let's see what I get. Nope, I didn't get it. But I can make a different pair now.

A: Great. Put that pair down, but, since it's not the one you asked for, it's D's turn.

D: Okay, Ms. E, do you have "done"?

E: Nope. Go fish.

D: Okay, I didn't get it, and I can't make a pair.

E: So, it's my turn. Mr. B, do you have "slept"?

B: That's sneaky!

D: Oh. I see. We have to listen to who asks for what.

E: Right!

B: Here you are.

E: Thank you.

E: Mr. A, do you have "gave"?

A: I would give you "gave", but I'll give you "given", instead. Here. Take this.

E: Oh.

C: Ah hah! You forgot the past participle!

E: Heh heh. Yep. Thanks. Now, it's my turn again?

A: Yeah.

E: Okay, Ms. C, do you have, uhm, "said"?

C: No, I don't. Go fish.

E: Okay. Hmm. It's your turn, Mr. A.

A: Okay. I want "said". Please give it to me.

B: Now Mr. A is being sneaky!

E: Here you are.

A: Thank you. Mr. B, do you have "got"?

B: No, I don't. Go fish.

A: Okay. Nope. Nothing. No match. Your turn, Mr. B.

B: Ms. E, you look suspicious. I think you have "slept".

E: I'm sure not getting enough sleep. Let me sleep. I haven't slept in the last twelve hours!

C: Now, that's teasing.

E: Heh, heh. Here you are.

B: Thank you. Ms. D, do you have, "goon"?

D: "Goon"? I don't think that's a verb. Please ask me again.

B: How do you say this?

C: "Gone."

B: Okay, do you have "gone", Ms D?

D: Yes, I do. Here it is.

B: Thank you. Mr. A, do you have "read"?

A: Did you say "reed?"

B: Uhm, is it like "red", then?

A: Yes. Please take this.

B: Oh! Thank you. Now I'm out of cards. What do I do?

A: We can either go out and wait, or we can draw a card and end the turn. Which way do you guys want to do it?

D: Let's keep playing.

C: I think so, too.

E: Yeah. Draw another card, Mr. B.

[About twenty minutes later --]

D: Ms. C, where have you been? I mean, do you have "been"?

C: Here you go. I'm out.

D: Thank you. That makes all of us.

B: So, now we count our pairs. Who won?

E: I think we all did.

A: I think so, too.

B: Let's play this again some time.


March 2nd Notes -- Vocabulary and Phrases

old maid
Old Maid
Please ask me again.
Please take this.
Take one.
She's being sneaky!
He's cheating!
It's your turn.
She's hiding something!
No! I'm not!
She's out.
Do you have a queen of hearts?

We used a deck of verb cards in the class, one of the pair with the plain past and the other with the past participle.

For example, the pair of cards for "eat" was "ate" and "eaten". But for "sleep", both cards were "slept".
例えば、(食べるの)"eat" のペアは、一枚が "ate" で、もう一枚が "eaten" でした。しかし、 "sleep" の場合は、2枚とも "slept" になりました。

Do you have "sleep"?
"Sleep" (のカード)を持っていますか?
Give me "sleep".
"Sleep" のカードください。
Did you get any sleep last night?
I'm not getting enough sleep.
I didn't sleep well last night.
I went to sleep at midnight last night.
Let me sleep.