Example Short Speech: Cakes

[Note that this is intended a (fabricated) example essay, not as a personal statement.

My name is (Given) (Family). I am a freshman at (School Name) High School, in class 9. I will talk about cakes.

I like cakes. They are very sweet, and I like sweet things. The sweetness comes from sugar, and sugar is important for energy.

Cake batter is made with sugar and wheat flour and eggs. Cakes are usually baked in an oven.

Some cakes are best eaten hot. Others are best eaten cold. Some are delicious either way.

You can put nuts in cakes, too. Nuts are nutritious. They have protein and good oils and important vitamins. And you can add dried fruits to cakes. Dried fruits have vitamins and fiber, so they are also nutritious.

Nuts and dried fruits
add variety to the flavor of cakes.

I think that cakes are good food.

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