Example Essay: Building Model Cars

[Note that this is intended a (fabricated) example essay, not as a personal statement.


One of my hobbies is building model cars.

Mostly, I build plastic models from kits that I buy at hobby stores, or sometimes at home appliance and electronics shops like Edion or Joshin.

Sometimes, I build models from scratch, making the design and diagrams myself, and cutting parts from light wood and paper.

Some of the models I have are motorized. Some of them have remote controls, so I can drive them around the floor of the house. I can't take them to school because the teachers don't like the distractions.

Models I have include old Ford Model Ts, Formula 1 race cars, sports cars like the Mazerati, and even a Hum Vee. I haven't yet built any models of 18-wheeler trucks.

Building models is good for hand-eye coordination. But you have to be careful to open the windows when using glue or paints. You can get a bad headache if you don't open the windows.

Designing my own models has taught me a lot about forces and other principles of physics, too.

Building model cars is a good hobby.

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