September 29th -- Coming Home from Vacation

[The family has come home from their vacation trip.
See here for vocabulary. 単語はここを参照。]

Amy: I don't want to go back to school!

Alex: Well, school starts tomorrow, so we have to get ready. I kinda missed school.

Anne: Can you two help me sort the laundry and put it away?

Alex: Do I have to, Mom?

Anne: What are you doing now?

Amy: He's playing with his PS Vita.

Anne: Don't play with that while I'm home! I hate that.

Alex: Okay, Mom, I'll help. Just let me finish this fight. I'm in a good rhythm.

Anne: Finish it quick.

Andy: How did you manage to get a load of laundry already washed and dried? Aren't you tired?

Anne: Best medicine for jet lag is getting back to work. How is your résumé coming, Alex?

Alex: Why do I have to get a job?

Andy: I'm not paying your full tuition, fees, books, and allowance. You've got to earn some of your money for school.

Alex: Argghh! She got me.

Andy: Good. Now put that game machine down and help your mom and your sister.

Amy: Who got you?

Alex: Pietra. Her user name is Rocky. Pass me my shirt there.

Amy: Here's your socks and shorts, too. Is she a friend from school or from your social network site?

Alex: Twitter. She does kendo, too.

Amy: Ooh. She sounds dangerous. Pass me my socks, would you?

Alex: Here.

Amy: Thanks. I'm done, Mom. Can I go now? I need to practice for the piano recital.

Anne: Of course.

Alex: I'm done too. I'm going to go to go practice the drums for my recital.

Andy: Don't play them too loud, okay? The neighbors will complain again.

Anne: Just the two of us now. Any word from the alumni association on your reunion, Honey?

Andy: Not yet. I'll have to give Roger a call. Have you called Mary about the turtle yet?

Anne: She said we could take our time about going to get Max.

Andy: That's nice of her.

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