Romeo and Juliet Excerpt 6 -- Mercutio and Tybalt Die = ロミオとジュリエット抜粋6〜マーキュシオもティボルトも殺される

[Intended to be presented by junior high or high-school level students of English as a foreign language. Continuing from here. Sans annotation here.]

Narrator: Benvolio and Mercutio have been out on business.
〔be out => お出かけ中〕
〔business => 用事〕

Benvolio: Mercutio, let's go home. It's too hot.
  In weather like this, it's easy to get into an argument.
〔weather => 天気、気温〕
〔in ~ like this => こんな~に〕
〔easy to ~ => ~しやすい〕
〔get into ~ => (~に入る→)~の状態になる〕
〔argument => 言い合い、言い争う、喧嘩〕

Mercutio: What do you have against a good argument?
  Speaking of which, here come some Capulets.
〔against => 対抗に、対立に、反対に〕
〔have A against B => A のことで B に反対する〕
〔What do you have against ~? => 何の訳で~に反対する?〕
〔Speaking of which => (話しているところの)偶然ですが〕
〔here come (some) ~ => ~(の何人か)が只今寄りかかってくる〕

Benvolio: I definitely do not want to argue with them.
〔definitely => 確実に、まったく〕

Tybalt: Good evening. Could we talk?
〔could we ~ => ~してもいいですか?〕

Mercutio: I think you want to do more than talk.
〔more than talk => 話以外のこと、話だけではないもの〕

Tybalt: Ready any time you are.
  Mercutio, you hang around with Romeo, ...
〔any time => いつでも〕
〔I'm ready any time you are. => お前の用意次第。〕
〔hang around with ~ => ~と一緒に過ごす、と付き合う〕

Mercutio: And what if I do?
  Is there some problem with that?
〔what if ~? => ~だったらどう?〕

Benvolio: This is a public place.
  We could discuss things more freely in some private place.
〔public => 公の〕
〔discuss => 話し合う〕
〔freely => 自由に〕
〔private => 内輪の〕

Mercutio: I see no need to go anywhere.
〔see => 認める〕
〔need => 必要〕
〔I see no need to ~. => ~(する)必要ないでしょう。〕
〔anywhere => どこでも〕

Narrator: Tybalt sees Romeo approaching.
〔approach => 近づく、寄ってくる〕

Tybalt: Well, we have nothing to discuss.
  There is the man I want to talk with.
〔have nothing to ~ => ~(する)ことがない〕
〔There is ~. => ~はあそこにいる。〕

Mercutio: And he's a better man than you.
〔a better ~ than you => お前よりましな~〕

Tybalt: Romeo, I hate you. You are scum!
〔hate => 憎む〕
〔scum => 浮きかす、くず〕
〔Die! => 死ね!〕

Romeo: Oh, Tybalt, we should be friends.
  Let's not talk about hate.
〔should be ~ => ~になるべき〕
〔take about ~ => ~について話する〕
〔hate => 憎み〕

Tybalt: You have injured me! Draw your sword!
〔injure => 傷つける〕
〔draw => 引っ張り出す〕

Romeo: But how could I injure you?
  You are a Capulet, and I love all Capulets.
〔how could I ~? => ~(する)わけはありますか?〕

Mercutio: You are being a coward, Romeo!
  Tybalt, do you want to fight?
〔being ~ => ~になること〕
〔coward => ひきょう者〕
〔being a coward => ひきょうな振る舞い〕
〔fight => 喧嘩する、戦う〕

Tybalt: Ready when you are.

Romeo: My friend, Mercutio, put your sword away.
〔put ~ away => ~を片づける〕

Mercutio: Come on Tybalt.
〔Come on! => かかってこい!〕

Romeo: Benvolio, help me stop them!
  Fighting in the streets is against the law!
  Stop, Tybalt! Stop, Mercutio!
〔stop => 止める〕
〔against the law => 違法〕

Narrator: Tybalt's thrust under Romeo's arm has fatally wounded Mercutio.
〔thrust => 突き、突っ込み〕
〔under ~ => ~の下に〕〔 => 〕
〔fatally => 死命的に〕
〔wound => 刺し傷を負わせる〕

Mercutio: I'm going to die.
  Did he get away without a scratch?
  I hate you both!
〔get away => (よそを得る→)逃げる〕
〔without ~ => ~無し〕
〔scratch => 擦り傷〕
〔both => 二人とも〕

Benvolio: Are you wounded?

Mercutio: Call a doctor!

Romeo: Please hang on!
  It's not too bad, is it?
〔Hang on! => (しっかりつかまる→)しっかり!〕

Mercutio: Maybe it's not too bad, but it's bad enough.
  If you look for me tomorrow, you'll find me in the graveyard.
  Why did you try to stop us?
〔bad enough => 充分にひどい〕
〔look for => 求める、探す〕
〔find A in B => A を B に見つける〕
〔graveyard => 墓地〕
〔try to ~ => ~をやろうとする〕

Romeo: I meant it for the best!
〔mean => 意図する〕
〔for the best => 一番良い結果〕

Mercutio: I'm dead meat.
  Benvolio, help me to some shelter.
  I hate you both! And your families, too!
〔dead meat => 生きていない肉〕
〔help A to B => A が B まで行くのを助ける〕
〔shelter => 避難所、よりどころ〕

Romeo: My new cousin Tybalt has fatally wounded my friend Mercutio!
  And it's my fault for trying to stop the fight.
  Oh, Juliet, my love for you makes me think like a girl.
〔new cousin => 新しくいとこになった人〕
〔fault => 責任、原因、違反〕
〔It's my fault. => 俺が悪い。俺の所為。〕
〔for trying to ~ => ~の試みに〕
〔love for you => あなたへの愛情〕
〔make me ~ => 俺に~させる〕
〔think like a girl => 少女のように考える〕

Benvolio: He's dead. Brave Mercutio is dead!
  Here comes Tybalt, now.
〔brave => 勇ましい〕

Romeo: Tybalt, you are a dead man.
〔dead => (形容詞)死んだ〕

Tybalt: It's your fault for hanging around with him.

Narrator: So Romeo and Tybalt fight.

Benvolio: And now Tybalt's dead.
  If the prince catches you, you're dead, too.
  Romeo., you must go away.
〔catch => 捕まえる〕
〔go away => よそへ行く〕

Romeo: Why does fate play games with me?
〔fate => 運〕
〔play games with ~ => ~でもてあそぶ〕

[End of excerpts.]

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