Romeo and Juliet Excerpt 5 -- the Wedding = ロミオとジュリエット抜粋5〜その結婚

[Intended to be presented by junior high or high-school level students of English as a foreign language. Continuing from here. Sans annotation here.]  

Narrator: Romeo and Juliet have agreed to meet at Friar Laurence's room,
  to be married in secret.
  Friar Laurence is having second thoughts
  about the pace with which the romance has developed.
〔agree => 一致する、同意する〕
〔agree to meet => 会うように約束する〕
〔Friar => 修道士、会士〕
〔be married => 結婚させられる〕
〔in secret => 秘密に〕
〔second thoughts => (再考→)疑問〕
〔have second thoughts => 考え直す〕
〔pace => 拍子、ペース〕
〔romance => (特に恋愛の)冒険〕
〔develop => 発達、発展〕

Friar Laurence: Marriage is a holy thing,
  so we must pray for the blessings of heaven
  on your marriage with Juliet.
  What starts out happily should not end up unhappily.
〔holy => 神聖な〕
〔pray => 祈る、願う〕
〔blessings of heaven => 天の恵み〕
〔happily => 幸福に、幸いに〕
〔start out => (start) 始める〕
〔end up => (end) 終わる〕
〔unhappily => 不幸に、運悪く〕

Romeo: Oh, I want this to be a happy marriage,
  but once she and I are married,
  no sorrow can hold any fear for me.
〔want A to be B => A が B になってほしい〕
〔once ~ => (一旦→)~さえなれば〕
〔sorrow => 悲しみ、悲嘆〕
〔hold ~ => ~を持つ、~がある〕〔 => 〕
〔any => なんでも〕
〔fear => 恐怖(感)〕
〔no A can hold any B => 何の A にもなんの B が無い〕

Friar Laurence: That is a rash brag.
  I am concerned that your passion is too uncontrolled.
  Uncontrolled passion tends to cause unhappiness.
  Juliet is here.
  She seems quite happy, too.
〔rash => 向こう見ずな、無分別な、思慮足りない〕
〔brag => 自慢〕
〔be concerned => 心配する〕
〔passion => 感情、情熱〕
〔uncontrolled => (制御されていない→)自制無し〕
〔tend to ~ => ~の傾向がある〕
〔cause ~ => ~の原因になる、~を引き起こす〕
〔quite => すっかり、完全に、とても〕

Juliet: Good evening, my spiritual friend.
〔spiritual => 霊的な、精神的な〕

Friar Laurence: Good evening, and Romeo is as glad to see you as I am.
〔glad to ~ => ~にうれしい〕
〔see => 見る、(目にかかる→)会う〕

Juliet: And I am glad to see him.

Romeo: Juliet, if you are as happy as I am,
  this is truly a happy occasion.
〔as ~ as I am => 私が~ほど~〕
〔truly => 正に〕
〔occasion => とき、機会〕

Juliet: No words can match how happy I am.
〔match => (合う→)適う〕
〔how happy ~ => ~の幸せほど〕

Friar Laurence: Well, come with me to the chapel
  and the church shall marry you.
〔come with me => 一緒にいらっしゃい〕
〔chapel => 礼拝室〕
〔church => 教会〕
〔marry => 結婚させる〕

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