June 30th -- Travel, part 2, Passports

[Anne and Andy and their children are preparing for their upcoming family trip.
 Continues from here. ここからの続きです。
 See here for vocabulary. 単語についてはここを参照。]
Alex: Mom, that 'do looks scary.

Amy: I like it! Can I get my hair done, too?

Anne: Hmm. Well, Sweetheart, what do you think of my new hairdo?

Andy: I always like you just the way you are, new hairstyle or not.
  I do see some of the beautician's ideas.
  But the result is just fine.

Anne: I had him adjust the color a bit.

Andy: He did. Highlights here, tints there.
  Let's go get the passport pictures taken and see how they turn out.

Anne: What if I don't like the pictures?

Andy: Let's not worry about that now.

Anne: Does it look cheap?

Amy: No way, Mom!

Alex: How can something look expensive and cheap at the same time?

Andy: I think it looks just fine. Let's go.

[Later that afternoon, at the consulate. 
Amy: The passport pictures look great, Mom!

Alex: Mom, I'm sorry for teasing you about your hair.

Anne: The Frankenstein comment told me you were joking.

Alex: I'm glad you can read my mind sometimes.

Andy: First passport picture I've seen that looks like a movie star.

Anne: Thanks for your encouragement.
  I hope I didn't overdo it, though.

Agent: Next, please.

Andy: That's us.

Agent: Okay, let's look at your paperwork.
  Pictures in here too?

Andy: Right here.

Agent: Oh, who is this?

Anne: Oh, dear.

Andy: That's my wife, of course.

Agent: Just kidding. These pictures are just fine.

Anne: Oh, thank you.

Agent: Let me check the paperwork, and we'll call you back up.

Andy: Great. Thanks.

[Continues. 続き。]

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