June 30th -- Travel, part 1, Planning

[Anne and Andy are talking about their upcoming family trip.
 See here for vocabulary. 単語についてはここを参照。]

Andy: Honey! That was the beauty parlor.
  They say your beautician is available tomorrow morning.

Anne: Oh, good.
  I do want to get my hair done
  before we go get the passport pictures taken.
  Did you take the appointment?

Andy: Yeah, but I like you just the way you are.

Anne: This isn't for you. It's for me.
  What time?

Andy: Ten thirty.

Anne: Thanks.

Andy: I know it's for you, Babe.
  I'm just reminding you that I like you just the way you are.

Anne: I know you.
  You're just trying to save the beautician's fees.
  Gotta keep them out of the welfare line, you know.

Andy: Hey, that's my line!
  But it's a good thing we thought to check the passports.

Anne: I'm the one who thought to check them.

Andy: Well, I knew ours were expired.

Anne: But you had forgotten the children's, hadn't you.

Andy: (Sighing.) It's always my fault.

Anne: Now, Sweetie, I'm not blaming you, just saying.

Andy: Yeah, yeah.
  Anyway, what else do we need to do to get ready for this trip?

Anne: Mary said she'd take the turtle while we're gone.

Andy: She has so many pets.
  Shouldn't we ask somebody else?

Anne: She already has turtle food and a pond for her turtles.
  And she feeds them every morning, so it won't be a change to her schedule.
  And Max will enjoy having some friends around for a change.

Andy: Hmm. He might get lonely when he comes back.
  Okay, so we'll need to take Max over to Mary's place the day before we leave.

Anne: I told her I'd take Max over on the 27th.
  She said that would be fine.

Andy: Two days early?

Anne: She'll be off work that day.

Andy: That's sure nice of her.
  What do the kids think of the itinerary?

Anne: Amy said, "Too much culture!"

Andy: Oh?

Anne: And Alex said, "Too busy! Can't we just do the culture stuff on the 'net?"

Andy: Oh, dear. What do you think?

Anne: I think we should ask the kids where they want to go.

Andy: But they'll just want to play and eat.

Anne: And shop?

Andy: Not Alex.

Anne: Well, let's discuss it with them, and let them choose some of the destinations.

Andy: I guess that sounds like a good idea.

[Continues. 続き。]

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