Romeo and Juliet Excerpt 4 -- in the Capulet's Garden

[Intended to be presented by junior high or high-school level students of English as a foreign language. Continuing from here.]  

Narrator: Romeo listens as Benvolio and Mercutio leave.

Romeo: I don't think Mercutio has ever been in love.

Narrator: When Romeo looks around, he sees Juliet come out on her balcony.

Romeo: Am I facing east? Does the sun rise in the sky?
  Juliet shines much brighter than the moon.

Juliet: Oh, what shall I do?

Romeo: How wonderful it is to hear her voice!

Juliet: Oh, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo?
  Say you're not a Montague!
  Or I'll say I'm not a Capulet.

Romeo: Should I just listen, or should I answer?

Juliet: If you called a rose by any other name,
  it would still smell just as sweet.
  Oh, Romeo, change your name and I'll be all yours.

Romeo: If you call me your love,
  I'll change my name and never be called Romeo again!

Juliet: What?
  Who are you, hiding in the dark and listening to me?

Romeo: I cannot say my name because you hate it.

Juliet: I recognize your voice. Aren't you Romeo Montague?

Romeo: If you don't like that name, it isn't mine any more.

Juliet: How did you get in here, and why?
  It's dangerous for you here.

Romeo: If I see in your eyes that you love me,
  nothing is too dangerous.

Juliet: You've heard too much.

Romeo: How can I prove my love?

Juliet: Not tonight. We can meet again.
  Good night.

Romeo: I can't leave unless you tell me you love me.

Juliet: It has already been said.
  But tell me you mean what you say.
  Do you intend to ask me to marry you?

Romeo: Yes, I do.

Nurse: Juliet?

Juliet: Wait there. Yes, Nurse?

Romeo: I am afraid I am dreaming.

Juliet: I'm back. How shall we meet tomorrow?

Romeo: Send a messenger to me in the morning.

Juliet: I'll send you my nurse.

Nurse: Juliet?

Juliet: I'm coming.
  Good night.

Romeo: Until tomorrow, good night.

[Continues here.]

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