Romeo and Juliet Excerpt 2 -- at the Party

[Intended to be presented by junior high or high-school level students of English as a foreign language. Continuing from here.]

Narrator: Capulet and Lady Capulet have arranged this party
  so that Juliet can meet Count Paris.

Capulet: Welcome, guests! Let everyone dance!

Narrator: Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio arrive among the guests.

Romeo: Who is that girl standing with that man over there?

Servant: I don't know.

Romeo: She is so beautiful!
   Maybe I should try to meet her.

Tybalt: This guy sounds like a Montague!
  What's he doing here? 
  Servant, bring me my sword!

Capulet: What makes you so angry, nephew?

Tybalt: He insults us by coming to our party!

Capulet: Calm yourself. It's the Montague boy Romeo, isn't it?

Tybalt: That bad boy Romeo, himself!

Capulet: Well, he's behaving himself.
  Why spoil our party? Let him alone.

Tybalt: Uncle, why should we put up with it?

Capulet: You'll cause a riot and get us all sent to jail. 
  Be a man and be patient!

Tybalt: It's hard to be angry and patient, but I'll be patient for now.
  They can have their fun, but I'll make them regret it.

Narrator: So Tybalt leaves, bearing his grudge,
  and Romeo goes to meet Juliet.

Romeo: It embarrasses me to offer my rough hand to one so beautiful as yourself.

Juliet: Your hand is not so rough that I mind our hands' meeting.

Romeo: My lips would be very happy if they could meet your hand as well.

Juliet: I guess my hand wouldn't think it was a crime.
  You are quite a gentleman.

Nurse: Your mother wants to speak with you.

Narrator: So Juliet leaves.

Romeo: Who is her mother?

Nurse: Her mother is the lady of the house.

Romeo: She is a Capulet! I've lost my heart to the enemy!

Benvolio: Romeo, let's leave before anything bad happens.

Romeo: Something bad has already happened!

Narrator: Romeo leaves ahead of Benvolio and Mercutio.

Juliet: Who was the boy that would not dance?

Nurse: I'll find out.

Juliet: I hope he's not married!

Nurse: He is the Montague boy, Romeo.

Juliet: I wish I had known who he was before I met him.
  I think I'm in love with my enemy.

Nurse: Watch what you say!

[Continues here.]

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