June 2nd -- Break

(Conversation example using words and phrases from the class. The scene is a barber shop at the beginning of the school year.)

Tom: All these students lined up for haircuts. Sometimes I think I'm shearing sheep.

Sam: Tom, take a break. All right, who's next?

Boy: I guess I am. I want a crew cut. Coach says I have to have a crew cut.

Sam: Great. Sit right down and we'll throw the cape over you and get you started.

Tom: Thanks, Sam. I need a break.

Sam: You look tired. Are things okay?

Tom: Well enough, I guess. Sometimes I think I just can't keep up.

Sam: Keep up?

Tom: Too much to do.

Sam: Your dad?

Tom: Yeah, him, too. Looking after him is a full-time job.

Sam: Well, he's lived a long and full life. He deserves to slow down.

Tom: I guess so.

Sam: And it's no surprise he can't look after himself at that age. Don't your children help?

Tom: My daughter does, but she has work to do, too.

Sam: Yeah, she has to be a nurse at the hospital and a nurse at home, too. What about your son?

Tom: He's busy looking for himself. Never at home. Or if he does come home, all he does is sleep.

Sam: He sure seems to have the soul of an artist. I saw his installation piece last week.

Tom: Which one? The one at the airport? The one where he fires ceramic models of aircraft in a portable kiln?

Boy: You're his father? I thought his stuff was way cool!

Tom: Yep, that's my son. Thanks.

Boy: Sure.

Sam: No, the one in the park. The one where he and his partners get people in the park to take pictures together with them, and then they print them up on the spot, and hang the pictures in the trees.

Tom: Do you really think it's art?

Sam: Why not?

Tom: That's another thing that's hard for me to keep up with, though. He has so many projects going on.

Sam: I think he is taking care of himself all right. How does it look?

Boy: Looks great.

Tom: True. I just wish he'd help us take care of his grandfather, too.

Sam: Okay, let's trim the back of the neck, now.

Tom: I think I've had enough of a break. My chair's open now. Who's next?

Girl: Me. My hair's too long for playing basketball.

Tom: Sit right down and let's get you started.

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