Snow White, as a Play, scene 6, The King Must Go to War

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[Scene 6, The King Must Go to War -- 

N: Narrator, M: Mayor, K: King, C: Councilor, A: Advisor]

N: Some years passed, and the King had to go to war.

M: The enemy is attacking our friends!

K: Is there a reason for this?

C: We must help our allies!

K: But is there a reason for this?

A: It appears not to matter.

K: Are you sure?

M: War is war and allies are allies.

K: But if our allies are wrong?

C: If we don't help our allies, our allies may become our enemies.

K: I worry about the kingdom.

M: We have the princess and the queen, and the council.

K: I shall also leave my advisor, as Regent in my absence.

A: I will do my best.

N: And so the King went to war.

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