Snow White, as a Play, scene 5, the Vanity and the Magic Mirror

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[Scene 5, The Vanity with the Magic Mirror -- 

N: Narrator, Q2/VW: 2nd Queen/Vain Woman, 

SW: Snow White, K: King, MM: Magic Mirror]

N: Now, at first, the very vain woman was not a bad mother.

Q2/VW: Snow White, you are a beautiful child.
         I almost wish you were mine.
         Let's have some breakfast.

SW: Gurgle. Coo.

N: But she was very insecure.
     So she often asked her new husband for encouragement.

Q2/VW: My king, am I beautiful?

K: Of course you are.
     How is Snow White?

Q2/VW: She is doing fine.
         She is a very beautiful child.
         Just like her mother.

K: Yes.

Q2/VW: Do you miss her mother very much?

K: I'm afraid I do.
     You are wonderful to take care of Snow White for us.

N: Sometimes, when she was alone,
     she asked her magic mirror for encouragement.

Q2/VW: Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
        Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

MM: Isn't that supposed to be,
Who is fairest of them all?
Q2/VW: Yes, but we have copyright laws in this country.
         So, am I the most beautiful woman in the world?

MM: Yes, my mistress, you are.

Q2/VW: When you say, "my mistress", I don't trust you.

MM: I am not lying.

Q2/VW: Thank you.

MM: But you shouldn't worry.
         There are more important things than beauty.

Q2/VW: Like what?

MM: Like love.

Q2/VW: But you have to be beautiful to be loved!

MM: No, you don't.

Q2/VW: I don't believe you.

MM: I wish you would, because it's true.

SW: Waaaaaahhh!

Q2/VW: Oh, Snow White,
         you need your diaper changed, don't you?
         Here we go, a clean diaper.
         Now, now, we'll have it changed in a flash.
         All nice and dry.

SW: Coo.

MM: Do you see what I mean?

Q2/VW: Babies aren't very demanding.

MM: I think your willingness to change the diaper
         is more important right now than beauty.

Q2/VW: Hmm.

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