Snow White, as a Play, scene 1, Name


[Scene 1, Name -- N: Narrator, K: King, Q: Queen, C: Crow]

N: A beautiful Queen is sewing on a porch of the castle,
     on a snowy winter day.
     The King approaches from inside.

K: Needlework? Outside, on a cold day like this?
     Be careful, my queen.

Q: I'll be okay. No problems.

C: Caw!

Q: Ouch!

K: Are you okay?

Q: I'm just fine. It's just a prick.

K: You're bleeding!

Q: It's just a drop.

C: Caw! Caw!

Q: Oh, look! It's a beautiful pink on the snow.

K: It is pink. I don't think it is beautiful.
     You should come inside with me.

C: Caw!

Q: How I would like a beautiful daughter,
     white, like the snow,
     lips as rosy as my blood on the snow,
     and hair as black as the feathers of that crow.

K: Our children shall be the most beautiful in the world.
     But leave the needle work for the servants to pick up.
     Let's go inside now.

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