Romeo and Juliet as a Student Play, Scene 1 -- the Background

[With apologies to the Bard. 
Intended to be presented by junior high or high-school level students of English as a foreign language.]

Scene 1

Narrator: In the city of Verona, two families have been fighting.

Abe: Are you insulting me?

Sam: Maybe. Do you want to fight about it?

Abe: Not unless you're insulting me.

Narrator: They've been fighting so long, they've forgotten why.

Sam: Cap is better than Monty!

Abe: Now you're in for it.

Narrator: Some people want to stop the fighting.

Ben: Stop it!

Narrator: Some people don't want them to stop.

Ty: Go for it!

Narrator: The prince wants them to quit fighting.

Prince: Stop, now!

Narrator: The prince is angry.

Prince: Cap, Monty, you have been fighting for too long. You must stop.

Cap, Monty [in unison]: Yes, sir!

Prince: Cap, you will come talk with me, now! Monty, you will come talk with me this afternoon! Or else.

Cap, Monty [in unison]: Yes, sir!

Monty: What happened, Ben?

Ben: I tried to stop them, sir, but then Ty started fighting with me.

Narrator: Monty and his wife are worried about their son, Romeo.

Lady Monty: Do you know where Romeo is? I'm glad he was not here.

Ben: I saw him by the woods, Ma'am. He didn't seem to want to talk.

Lady Monty: He is very sad, lately.

Monty: We want to help him.

Ben: Here he comes now. I'll ask him.

Lady Monty: Thank you. Be sure to tell us what you find out.

Ben: Okay. Goodbye.

Ben: Good morning, Cousin Romeo!

Romeo: Is it morning, Cousin Ben? Time passes so slowly.

Ben: What makes the time so slow? Do you have a crush on someone?

Romeo: Yes, and if she liked me, time would go by so quickly!

Ben: I thought so. Who is it? Did she tell you she doesn't like you?

Romeo: She said she likes me just as a friend!

Ben: Oh! Brutal! Forget her.

Romeo: I can't! I'd have to forget how to think!

Ben: There are other pretty girls.

Romeo: She is too beautiful to forget

Ben: I think I can help you forget her.

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